Yamaha Resonator 125: 5 keys that Yamaha should lead to production of this model
6 years ago

Yamaha Resonator 125: 5 keys that Yamaha should lead to production of this model

With the Hall of Tokyo 2015 as stage, Yamaha presented us with an interesting proposal, a bike 125cc, named as Yamaha Resonator, we were taught an interesting proposal of elegant classic design. Today we take back this Yamaha conceptual… and you propose 5 reasons why Yamaha should bring to production this concept.

There is a gap for the 125 classic cut… no need to go to the segment custom:

The Yamaha Resonator Concept uses wood guitar for some of its details.

If we look at the segment of the 125-we find, leaving those of vocation offroad and scooter to a side, with sports, naked cut or a modern practical and custom with very scarce representation of naked classic cut.

Mash or Hanway have managed to exploit very well this field with alternative price that is restrained and eye-catching image, but beyond these there are few alternatives, as the Suzuki Van Van.

Yamaha could have a succulent segment to exploit with this Yamaha Resonator 125 offering a perceived quality higher that the alternatives of Mash or Hanway and a product that is more current that the Suzuki Van Van.

Cafe racer, tracker, bobber… the preparations of the bikes in the classic style are out of fashion

we Live in a genuine new wave of bikes neoclassical, of preparations that are looking for individuality through classic lines with those cafe racer of the 50’s and 60’s as inspiration on many occasions and this Yamaha Resonator complies perfectly with the demand for designs of classical influence. Not only is it a practical solution, it is also a bike desirable.

Classic yes, but adapted to new times:

In other segments are succeeding the bikes neoclassical, the preparations of this cut are the order day, and even firms such as Mash are exploiting the idea… why not going to join Yamaha?

Yes, the classic image of the Yamaha Resonator is undeniable, it is a Yamaha , SR 125 adapted to our times, ready to offer a more sophisticated look, the more charismatic among the naked 125, fleeing from the practical approach of the YBR, running away from that image the more aggressive of the Yamaha MT-125… but that’s not to say that the Yamaha Resonator is not adapted to the new times.

For your instrumentation Yamaha has resorted to a modern digital display full color that contrasts with the classical forms, and the care and finishing of cut craftsmanship to give shape to a set according to the new times.

Yamaha already has mechanical 125 to make more viable its arrival in production

Think of a Yamaha Resonator 125 of production in mechanical terms is simple. Yamaha has not provided specifications on their power but it has been noted that this bike is motivated by a propellant air-cooled single.

Versus the Yamaha MT-125 and Yamaha YZF-R125 moved by a single cylinder, water-cooled, we found a YBR 125 that relies on a single-cylinder air-cooled with a power of 10 horses. Yes, I would prefer the 15 horses R125… but the air-cooled engine helps to keep the concept of simplicity mechanical, and therefore its price.

A good excuse for a validated pass to the two wheels

If three years ago you have the driver B, the car permit, you can drive a motorcycle of 125cc with a maximum power of 15 horses. This Yamaha Resonator 125 could become the perfect excuse for many car drivers who want a bike for your daily commute or want to enter the world of two wheels with a pretty alternative and classic cut.

Gallery of images of the Yamaha Resonator 125 Concept:

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