Will there be finally a Subaru BRZ STI?
5 years ago

Will there be finally a Subaru BRZ STI?

The Subaru BRX could finally get a version of the STI, according to na first photograph released by the japanese manufacturer through the social networks.

Drom the moment that the Subaru BRZ came to market back in 2012, enthusiasts of the brand began to to dream of a more radical take the last STI. But despite the fact that the brand presented a prototype in 2015, the idea never materialized as a series model.

however, everything seems to indicate that fans will finally get what both have been looking forward to. The japanese manufacturer released on their official accounts on Twitter and Instagram, a photograph that teaches part of the rear of a BRZ, equipped with a huge spoiler that bears the logo STI to the sides.

By the photograph, it seems obvious that the model will receive some aesthetic alteration, but by the time there is no conformation official about improvements in the power. Surely this hypothetical BRZ STI will have some modifications in the tuning of the chassis, with the aim of improving its dynamic behavior.

To solve the mystery will have to wait until the June 8 next, as noted by the official information that accompanies the first photo of the Subaru BRZ STI.

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