Why is the new Renault Scénic has only 20-inch wheels?

Why is the new Renault Scénic has only 20-inch wheels?
5 years ago

Why is the new Renault Scénic has only 20-inch wheels?

At the Geneva motor show has been presented to the Renault Scenic 2016. The fourth generation of the minivan, Renault has liked it, with a new design, a presentation of the interior neat and a lot more technology, comfort and safety. But undoubtedly, what has caught your attention are the alloy wheels of 20 inches that all versions of the new Renault Scenic range to incorporate serial.

We are accustomed to seeing cars with wheels unnecessarily large, which does not offer any advantage beyond aesthetics. But in the case of the new Renault Scenic 2016, Renault has their reasons for the use of 20-inch wheels. Everything is designed to offer the occupants the more comfort and better fuel economy. Although they also serve an aesthetic function, these 20? wheels are very functional.

So are the 20-inch wheels of the Renault Scenic

Aesthetically the 20? wheels are a hit in the new Renault Scenic

in Spite of their large diameter, these wheels are pretty close to what is typical. Used tires in action 195/55 R20, so that the tread that is in contact with the ground is relatively narrow. However, there is a section enough for a model like the Renault Scenic, which has no pretensions to sports and engines very powerful. We are used to see cars with tires inflated, when 15 years ago sedans with V6 engine and power outputs of 170 HP had tires with that width.

This tread makes the the rolling resistance is lower and linked to a specific development of the tyres contribute to reducing fuel consumption. The function aerodynamics is also present. The comfort is assured in spite of 20-inch wheels with 55% of the height of the sidewall results in 107 mm ball, which provides the current Renault Scenic alloy wheels of 17 inches. Although it is something that we will have to verify, Renault says that comfort will be among the best in the segment.

Renault does not hide the aesthetic function of the rims of the new Scenic, which make the car more proportioned and now even the basic finishes will be able to enjoy a more aesthetically appealing, thanks to these huge tires that are offered in different designs and that are customizable with a few elements plug-in called add-ons.

how Much are the wheels of 20 inches of the new Renault Scenic?

how much cost the tires of 20 inches of the Renault Scenic? This is probably the million dollar question. By looking on different online pages of tires we find that the wheels Continental EcoContact 5 in measure 195/55 R20 have an average price of about 150 euros, so that we have to add the labor for mounting and balancing, valve replacement and environmental tax recycling of the worn tire. This would put the price of each tire around the 170 euro per tyre.

If we compare it with tyres 205/55 R17 used by some versions of the Renault Scenic third generation, the cost per tire with the new rims 20? is around 15 euros higher in the case of opting for the same Continental EcoContact 5. Fortunately, there is an important difference that may cause troubles to some buyers.

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