Who plagiarized whom? The Tuning Mattig Opel Kadett and Ford Escort RS Cosworth
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Who plagiarized whom? The Tuning Mattig Opel Kadett and Ford Escort RS Cosworth

The tuning in the 80s was a real spectacle. Everyone seemed to be because of some substance in designing cars. End enlargements were carried sometimes mounted to rear wheels 345 mm in diameter on simple Volkswagen Golf or Opel blanket. It did not limit creativity, and if you do not believe me, ask to Sbarro. It was in the late 80s when Mattig Tuning launched a body kit for the Opel Kadett . Look at your wing And look at the Ford Escort RS Cosworth. Who plagiarized whom?

The Ford Escort RS Cosworth was conceived somewhere between Germany and the United Kingdom.

The Ford Escort RS Cosworth was launched in 1992 and has created a niche in automotive history as one of the best compact sport ever created by far. The Opel Kadett E Tuning Mattig is almost unknown, but Look at the shape of its rear wing . Do you sound? Besides having an absolutely widened aspect – with rear wheels of more than 300 mm in diameter – this preparation intended to give the Kadett an aspect of supercar, with large air intakes and a rally type headlights


But what is the spoiler it catches our attention. Glued to the ceiling, with its higher plane bound by a central column. An almost identical in appearance to Spoiler Ford Escort RS Cosworth . Mattig Tuning launched its kit for the Opel Kadett E in 1988 and launched the Ford Escort RS in 1992. Cosworth might think Mattig Ford plagiarized, but we forgot one detail. Ford had launched in 1986 the Sierra RS Cosworth . A sports sedan whose rear wing became iconic from the first moment. Guess what his form.

Mattig Opel produced aerodynamic kits for the end of the 80

Possibly Mattig was one of the first to apply a spoiler that style to a compact car, and maybe even Ford will inspire slightly in them to see that such a wing had no so bad a small car. Anyway, it is interesting to know one of the tuning cars maddest 80, a memorial to the madness that may have helped to a greater or lesser extent the birth of the Escort RS Cosworth, a real myth historio of automobile. Forget plagiarism.

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