What the hell has happened to the vehicles radioactive Chernobyl?

What the hell has happened to the vehicles radioactive Chernobyl?
4 years ago

What the hell has happened to the vehicles radioactive Chernobyl?

Chernobyl disaster shocked the world in the already distant year 1986. Although some had not been born, ask those who lived and have life experiences very marked of the disaster. The radiation that swept through the area caused all sorts of health problems, and reached the whole of Europe, spread by the atmosphere. The cleanup took hundreds of lives – the famous liquidators – and left hundreds of vehicles-irradiated. Now, these vehicles have gone from a somewhat mysterious. What has happened?

The graveyard of vehicles of Chernobyl was composed of about 1.350 machines radioactive.

After the exhaust is radioactive, we built a retaining wall, a concrete sarcophagus for the remains of the sadly famous reactor number 4 of the nuclear power plant. This construction did not begin until the remains of nuclear fuel they burn, and the situation was not under control. There are videos chilling of these operations, filmed from a helicopter. Several teams came to explore just meters from the leak, sacrificing their lives in the process. The radiation killed it in a matter of minutes.

The problem of radiation is that it is invisible, but is extremely durable and it takes thousands of years to disappear naturally. The vehicles are exposed to these tasks were completely irradiated, and were stationed in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, an area of about 30 square kilometres around the nuclear power plant, which includes the ghost town of Pripyat. It is estimated that around 1,350 vehicles were there abandoned: ambulances, construction vehicles, helicopters, armored vehicles, cars.

unfortunately, they have all disappeared, and are believed to have been sold as scrap.

An abandonment regulated in a camp guarded. These vehicles could not be converted into scrap or used again, were a serious danger to human health. For decades, they remained in that field, rusting away. Years after the disaster, the surveillance of the area ceased. it Was rumored that many vehicles would have been looted. The inhabitants of the area were parts, motors, etc Several images taken via Google Maps reveal a worrying fact: all vehicles have disappeared.

In 2009, the security forces of ukraine detained a truck that was pulling 25 tons of scrap metal radioactive exclusion zone. An indication of the aforementioned looting. The thousands of vehicles there abandoned are a candy – poisoned – to the scrap dealers of the area. Already in recent times, the conflict in which Russia and Ukraine are immersed has been the starting of the looting. With the security forces occupied in other duties, the graveyard of vehicles has been granted.

A reporter from a Ukrainian tv has recently filmed a tank from the forces of the Ukrainian highly radioactive. A sample of many of the abandoned vehicles have been reused in times of conflict, or converted to scrap metal which has been recycled by melting them at high temperatures in blast furnaces. Unfortunately, it is impossible to trace the final destination of the radioactive metal, which may well have been exported, transformed in washing machines or car bodies of the car.

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