What is a scrambler?
5 years ago

What is a scrambler?

During the last few days we have recovered the term “scrambler” on the occasion of the launch of the MINI Clubman Scrambler concept, a MINI which, as we recall, he arrived with a greater height, knobby tires, new moldings, and that, far from seeking acceptance to be a production model, encouraged us to start thinking about the arrival to the streets of the BMW R Ninet Scrambler, but… what is meant by the term scrambler?

If you are a fan of motorcycles you probably know. This name is carried by employing decades, derived from the English term “Scramble”, a reference to “mix” what precisely is a bike “Scrambler” a combination of a road bike and a bike of the field, or certain elements of these, and do not, do not think a trail.

Suspensions with slight changes and guarnecidas by the typical bellows classic, a riding position more upright, saddles planes, wheels with a certain vocation, offroad, exhaust, high…

These are some of the usual ingredients in this type of bikes whose existence has proliferated in recent years under the umbrella of the movement cafe racer, as well as the “brats” (that would be for another definition), but we are not only speaking of transformations, the term scrambler also has a place in bikes in series.

In this way Ducati was revived recently in the term to give life to a new Ducati Scrambler, restoring a designation that the mark was used in the 60’s; Triumph also has a scrambler, the Triumph Scrambler (see classic range of Triumph), with the characteristic double exhaust on high, by the side; the Derbi Mulhacen, Mash Scrambler or the Moto Guzzi V7 II Stornello and of course, we could not forget BMW with the BMW R NineT Scrambler, the adaptation offroad the BMW R NineT.

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