What hides this strange mule testing in the guise of Peugeot 308 SW?
5 years ago

What hides this strange mule testing in the guise of Peugeot 308 SW?

To the naked eye is a 308 SW.

Under this strange Peugeot 308 SW is hiding really the mechanical platform for the development of a new model, that has nothing to do with the compact that is intended to simulate. For many it is a new mule for testing the next generation of the Peugeot 508, however, a deeper analysis of the characteristics of this makes us think otherwise.

Although at a glance may not seem so, this unit test has some obvious signs that show their true nature. If your body is showing only differences, their pathways are considerably more ample, why have those steps of wheels stacked on the side panels.

In the same way, in some shots side-can be seen as the distance between axes has also changed with respect to the 308 compact that is intended to simulate. What has forced to modify the area of the C-pillar, which is seen in the glass side rear. Likewise, the body has gained height with regard to mules of tests similar seen before.

To the left is the 308 SW current, to the right the detail of the mules seen so far..

A detail very curious is the presence of two emblems in the front area, which seems to evidence that have employed pieces of various backgrounds to assemble this body, Using the hood of a 308 standard but the front grille of a 308 GT Line, which has the emblem of the lion on the grill and not in the hood.

The PSA Group has already confirmed the launch of the new generation of the 508 and the new 5008, which has 7 squares this way because of the dealers, so we believe this mule could hide the development of a new model, perhaps a SUV of larger size than those currently available.

This sounds plausible if we follow the trajectory of the French brand in terms of its development policy, usually starting with the sedan and then continue with the rest of the versions, so that the platform that hides this false 308 SW should not be either the 508 or a possible version jacket of this.

you will Have up to 3 bodies.

In terms of the future 508, the group galo has under study the possibility of having a variant 4-door coupe for the 508, in addition to traditional variants sedan and family SW. So it is likely that this new generation will be more stylized than the current one.

likewise, the CEO of the group, Carlos Tavares, confirmed to the media that this new generation of the model will have some assistance systems on the driving, including driving technology autonomous partial. In terms of design, the French brand would employ the same design features seen in the Peugeot Exalt concept 2014.

What hides really this mule for the moment remains a mystery, for which we should expect at least a couple of years to see resolved.

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