Volvo registers the mark XC50, the possible SUV coupe that would come in 2020
3 years ago

Volvo registers the mark XC50, the possible SUV coupe that would come in 2020

As many of you know, Volvo decided mid-last year following a trend that little by little many manufacturers will not have more remedy than to support it. The Swedish electrificarán all its models by 2019, but this will not be your only change, since a new vehicle is opened step. We talk about the Volvo XC50.

The SUVs are a sure bet to increase the number of sales. Volvo already has the XC40, XC60 and the XC90, and this new XC50 would be between your todocamino of D segment, the XC60, and the XC90. Would have to become in competition of the BMW X4 or the Mercedes GLC Coupe.

“we Cover 98 percent of the segments, so that it is more likely that we try to delve into it before you expand.” said Lex kerssemakers, Vice president of Volvo in Europe.

The swedes have recently recorded the brand XC50, so everything seems to indicate that not within a long time we will see the first SUV coupe in the firm nordic. There is No doubt that this new model will incorporate the materials and design of scandinavian interior that we have already been able to prove in the presentation of the Volvo XC60, and that both of us liked it.

Something that must be clear is that your denomination can lead to confusion, since, while BMW uses the X2, X3 and X4, and both models are sorted by increasing order in terms of segment and size, the XC50 would not be located within the range of the Swedish firm among the XC40 and the XC60.

Another of the key points of the SUV coupe will be the electrification, as I mentioned previously, there will come a year before the alleged marketing of the same. Therefore, this new Volvo XC50, would have such technology, something that their German rivals still have to Polish, and that can be decisive to the hour to purchase a vehicle of these characteristics because of the null consumption and environmental standards.

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