VLF Force 1: the Dodge Viper goes through the gym and put on a smart suit

VLF Force 1: the Dodge Viper goes through the gym and put on a smart suit
5 years ago

VLF Force 1: the Dodge Viper goes through the gym and put on a smart suit

Henrik Fisker has returned to Detroit with his company, VLF Automotive. After submitting your VLF Destination – a Fisker Karma with the engine 6.2 V8 LS9 from a Corvette ZR1 – now we have the VLF Force 1. It is a supercar high-flying based on the Dodge Viper. We could say that it is a Dodge Viper with a body building produced, and that in addition, it has been passed by the gym. It retains the train mechanic of the viper of Detroit, but subject to certain modifications, which increases their power considerably.

The Dodge Viper was at the tailor

Bob Lutz – former-CEO of General Motors – is one of the partners of VLF Automotive, and co-founder of the company.

The Dodge Viper underwent a tailor named Henrik Fisker, who have built a new carbon fiber body. Its appearance is unmistakable, the work of the designer of Danish. The front has a great calender with a look aggressive and a hood truffled air intakes. Its side profile maintains the proportions of the Viper and its dual side exit exhaust, exaggerating their violence stylistics with huge tires and 21-inch in diameter – something excessive in my opinion – and many nerves of expression.

In his behind, a huge horn is the protagonist, as well as lenses similar to the deceased’s Karma. We don’t have a large spoiler – the style of the Viper ACR – but a stylish spoiler, which follows the strokes marked by the muscular rear wheel arch. Muscular of truth: the rear tyre of this supercar has at least 345 mm section. In the interior of the car, Fisker has been reupholstered surfaces and endowed the car a couple of accessories unexpected, that has a negative impact on the onboard experience.

The VLF Force 1 does the quarter mile in less than 11 seconds, while retaining the manual gearbox of the Viper.

Two bottles of champagne, tied with a leather rope between the two seats – I don’t want to think what would happen in the event of an accident – and a slot for a mobile phone Samsung, moulded in the centre tunnel. Why? Leaving to one side these two details something ugly and a font outside a cheap (similar to that of a chinese car) the VLF Force 1 V10 manages to impress. What impresses even more are the mechanical enhancements and performance introduced under the hood of its huge 8.4 V10.

With 640 BHP of power, this maximum power of 8.4 litres is not an engine of precisely tight. Without sobrealimentarlo, VLF Automotive has managed to extract from the same 745 horsepower and a beastly motor torque 928 Nm, while retaining the manual gearbox of the Viper. The acceleration to 96 km/h is 3.0 seconds and the top speed of the car reaches 350 km/h. VLF also declares that its weight is about content 1.538 pounds, thanks to diet of carbon fiber for the body.

as the Destination, will be manufactured entirely in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The production will be limited to 50 units.

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