Toyota Yaris 2018: the new generation already can be seen on the road

Toyota Yaris 2018: the new generation already can be seen on the road
5 years ago

Toyota Yaris 2018: the new generation already can be seen on the road

Toyota Yaris 2018. The new generation of the subcompact japanese is left to see on the road.

The current generation of the Toyota Yaris takes too many years in the market. Introduced at the end of the year 2011, the time does not pass in vain for anyone. And it has already become a must-bring to market a model renovated from top to bottom and improved in all aspects. Although there is still plenty of time to see it in the dealers, we can anticipate in these first spy photos of Toyota Yaris 2018.

Although our photographers have had to “hunt” from a long distance and we’ve just got a few photos, we can say that the development of the new generation Toyota Yaris enters a phase that will allow us to photograph it in more occasions. Toyota engineers begin to remove the first units on the road. So we will be prepared.

¿What we expect from the new Toyota Yaris 2018? In the first place, and although in these spy photos we see a Yaris excessively camouflaged, we know that the next generation will abandon their image of carefree to adopt a new design that conveys a more aggressive and new emotions. In the front we will see a new look. Released headlights, the latest grille of the brand, and other features characteristic of the later releases of Toyota.

A sneak look at the next generation of the Toyota Yaris.

on the other hand, the new Toyota Yaris 2018 will continue to be available in two types of bodies: 3 and 5 doors. Despite the fact that the utility of three doors every time you sell less, the japanese constructor will continue to bet on this option. And although for the moment the details on the section mechanic, we should point out that the hybrid version will be charged on a greater role. The new Yaris will continue to be committed to the front-wheel-drive.

If we look at the spy photos here, give us the feeling that the new generation of the Toyota Yaris will grow in size. Thanks to this, we will see a cabin more spacious, and a boot that cubicará a higher load capacity. The (technological and security will also be put to the day, since the Toyota Yaris 2018 premiere of the latest systems and driving aids developed by Toyota. Amen to that an interior that will offer greater connectivity.

¿When it will come to the market? the presentation of The new Toyota Yaris will take place at some point in the next year 2017. Although, our current information indicates that the first units will not reach dealerships until early 2018. We will closely follow their development to re-photograph as soon as possible.

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