Toyota Turns the Concept is A SUV between the Yaris and the RAV4?
6 years ago

Toyota Turns the Concept is A SUV between the Yaris and the RAV4?

Toyota will make the Tokyo Auto Salon with one of the most important innovations that can be seen in the exhibition between the days 15 and 17 of January. While many manufacturers will series cars with slight modifications, Toyota will unveil a prototype. This is the Toyota Turns the Concept that we see in the images, a compact SUV two-door with a look very sporty.

we don’t know if it will reach production and, above all, if you do this you will have a similar appearance, but Toyota has called ViRA, because this model would, by size, Yaris (Vitz in other markets) and the RAV4. Beyond the names, there seems to be no other similarity between the prototype and two models in which it is inspired, at least visibly. Being a SUV B-segment would be a rival to the Citroën C4 Cactus or the Nissan Juke.

Toyota has been very scant on details on the Ports Concept, and while we hope to unveil more information at the Tokyo Auto Salon, we can only guess. Quite predictably the bodywork of the coupé of-way to an interior with a distribution that is 2+2, while it would not be surprising that in terms of propulsion used a mechanical complemtamente electric or at least, a hybrid, a field in which Toyota is a specialist.

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