Toyota increases production of the C-HR for its good results
3 years ago

Toyota increases production of the C-HR for its good results

During a couple of exercises Toyota Engine has been the group that have the largest number of sales has accumulated in the world. Its products have the approval of the public as they are reliable and hard. However, the range of SUV vehicles of the house nippon’t quite living up to the expectations of the market. Only the Rav4 has endured the type, despite having given the witness (in sales) to the Volkswagen Tiguan or Ford Kuga.

therefore, in order to change the trend they decided to to launch the compact SUV hybrid C-HR. This model has of course a the turning point for the brand it incorporates a design that is a breakthrough and also a mechanical hybrid. Bet Toyota was very risky, because their customers are used to designs that are simple and anything topped up and the C-HR is in the antipodes of this approach.

however the move seems to have gone to the thousand wonders, because as reported by Toyota, sales of the C-HR grow month-to-month. With these perspectives the managers of the factory in which it occurs have had to increase their cadence of assembly to 280 thousand units per year. According to JATO Dynamics, in Europe only, the sales you have had the Toyota C-HR during the first quarter of 2017 have been 31.890 units.

things as they are, is still far from the 75.115 units that have enrolled with Nissan’s Qashqai or the 40.040 of the Ford Kuga, but it has already managed to overtake the Renault Kadjar with 29.474 units or the Seat Ateca with 21.707 units. With these data in hand Toyota notes that the market is betting on its C-HR because it represents a different proposition to everything else on the market.

in Addition, in Toyota have drawn another conclusion revealing the sales of the C-HR. According to the numbers, the C-HR is doing that the average age of the customers of the brand down significantly. The main point that attracts these buyers is by being a hybrid model that offers a consumption, and low contamination. Toyota has been able to combine to form a “quasi-perfect” the winning combination of SUV segment and the hybrid and the public have liked.

With all the global production of the Toyota C-HR could still be increased a good handful of units when it goes on sale in the united States. Will have to see if the acceptance of the model is the same in America that it has had in Europe and the east.

Sources – Toyota

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