Tire “Made in Spain”
3 years ago

Tire “Made in Spain”

we Review some of the tire brands that have factories in Spain.

Spain not only is the head in the list of leading car manufacturers. And is that, as our country is situated in the first positions of the countries that have the largest number of cars produced, the same thing happens with the tires. Throughout our territory, we find different factories where renowned brands manufacture different tires that we find in the market.

Now, what brands bet on Spain as the place for their production? Michelin or Bridgestone are some of them. It is for this reason that it has seemed to us interesting to gather some of these brands of tires that we could define as “Made in Spain”. I’m sure that desconocías that some of the first internationally renowned brands had a factory in Spain.

The fact that the main global brands of tires bet on Spain as the place to install their factories is due to that in our country we can manufacture tyres on the cheap, of quality and low-cost brands.

The Michelin tires are manufactured in Spain.


today Michelin is one of the tire manufacturers of world-class, highest number of factories in Spain. It is more, it has a total of four factories that we need to add a center of experience, as well as a center of commercial division and other training and advice in the Michelin guide. The Spanish factories of Michelin found in Aranda del Duero, Lasarte, Valladolid and Vitoria. More than 8,000 people working directly for Michelin in Spain and in our country, the greatest part of the range of tyres of the company. More than 85% of the staff works in industrial activities.


while before Bridgestone had a larger number of factories of tires spread across different points of Spain. Currently, the well-known tyre brand has had to reinvent itself due to the serious economic situation that we are given a glimpse back in the year 2007, we find that it has a plant in Burgos and another in Puente San Miguel (Cantabria). And if we talk about tyres for industrial vehicles, we should also point out that Bridgestone has a plant in Basauri (Biscay), a place where they make tires for trucks and buses.

Bridgestone also manufactures some of its tyres in Spain.

on the other hand, and at the hour of look for some of these tyres on-line, we can choose
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