There will be a new Renault Twingo RS
3 years ago

There will be a new Renault Twingo RS

If a new Renault Twingo RS was a project that would fit in the plans of the French brand, the technical limitations make it impossible, as a propellant but big does not fit in the engine bay of the smaller urbanite. The GT with 109 HP will be the option more powerful.

Quienes dreamed of a version radical Twingo, must comply with the GT, since its development has been dismissed by Renault. Since the Twingo GT made its appearance there were few who were hoping for a version developed by Renault Sport, add acronyms RS the small urbanite French.

But unfortunately, Renault has denied this categorically, stating that ” the Renault Twingo RS 2017 is not technically feasible. This statement came on the part of the head of Renault Sport Patrice Ratti, who said that the new generation of the Twingo has been specifically developed to use three-cylinder engines low in the front and the reduced size of your engine bay makes it impossible to adopt a four-cylinder engine with increased power and size.

at The same time, Ratti answered the question many should be asking when reading the previous paragraph. would Not be economically feasible a motor of three-cylinder 0.9 TCe higher power, as a hypothetical Twingo RS 2017 you would need at least a few 150 HP, with leo which lhe current tricilíndricos should be re-engineered completely in order to achieve these figures of power.

In your previous generation, the Twingo RS used a four-cylinder 1.6-liter engine and 133 HP. But for the moment, everything seems to indicate that the models signed by Renault Sport will be limited to the upper segments, the Clio up. Those interested in a Twingo RS, shall comply with the 109 CV that the Twingo GT has to offer, a version that will hit the market this year.

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