There will be a Bugatti Chiron convertible
4 years ago

There will be a Bugatti Chiron convertible

a recreation of A look that would have a hypothetical Bugatti Chiron convertible.

At the end of last year, before the Bugatti Chiron debuted in society (something that happened in the month of march during the Geneva motor show 2016) all the reports suggested that the French manufacturer had decided to equip the range of a variant in the style of “Grand Sport” as happened in its day with the Veyron (ancestor of the Chiron).

that Is to say, everything pointed to that there would be a Bugatti Chiron convertible. However, and I’m very much afraid that we will be able to chafar many dreams as this will not be the case. A high charge of Bugatti has stated loud and clear that there will be a Chiron convertible. In particular, we make reference to some statements made by Stefan Brungs, Head of Sales and Marketing for Bugatti.

taking Advantage of a exposure that Bugatti has been carried out in a room of Mayfair, in London, Stefan Brungs was asked directly if finally the Bugatti Chiron will have or not a variant convertible. His answer was very clear: “there will be no roadster or cabrio”. All this despite the numerous reports and that, as we say, the ancestor of Chiron itself that had this type of body.

Another recreation of a look that would have the Bugatti Chiron convertible.

on the other hand, and when asked about the possibility of seeing some version more radical and offer a better performance, Brungs left the gate open at the moment but it has indicated that in Bugatti are focused on selling the entire production of the Chiron:

“We are considering several options for the car, though, and for the moment, we are focused exclusively on selling the 500 units of the Bugatti Chiron standard that will be manufactured”.

At this point I would like to make a small point to remember that each of the 500 units of the Bugatti Chiron, which will be manufactured has a starting price of eur 2.4 million. That said and getting back on the possibility of seeing a “Chiron Super Sport” or something of that style, as we say, the own Stefan Brungs has not been ruled out, although it materialize, we will have to wait a few years.

In any case, it is a pity that finally the range of the Bugatti Chiron will not have a variant convertible. In spite of this, a server does not definitively closes the door so that in the future they decide to launch it.

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