The world’s most expensive extra: a watch 200,000 euros for Bentley Bentayga

The world’s most expensive extra: a watch 200,000 euros for Bentley Bentayga
5 years ago

The world’s most expensive extra: a watch 200,000 euros for Bentley Bentayga

The world of luxury cars is packed with extras of great value, in some cases higher than that of a good car. But possibly the extra that takes the cake is the new Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon Bentayga. Is automatic Breitling clock that can be placed between the two central nozzles of the dashboard. A luxury piece that replaces the Breitling – more conventional – the Bentayga fitted as standard. But this watch is very special: costs 200,000 euros , almost as much as the rest of the car


The Bentley Bentayga price is not much higher than the Mulliner Tourbillon.

The Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon is a timer premier . It really is based on the Mulliner Tourbillon, a wristwatch commissioned by Bentley Breitling, and is sold in exclusive limited edition at a price of 150,000 euros. Should not surprise the price of these expensive watches in the background are parts built by hand with micron tolerances, and often employ materials such as gold or platinum, if not talk about diamonds or precious stones that take their value over 7 figures.

The Mulliner Tourbillon which is mounted on the Bentayga may be based on the mechanism of the watch, but it’s a different clock. The housing is constructed from a machined block of solid gold . A block of gold – which can be white or pink gold – solid, in which one fits sphere studded with diamonds , eight to be more specific. The numbers and needles have a larger size to ensure good visibility. I am sure your area is also customizable to suit the client.

A customer who will disburse nearly 200,000 euros for a clock if it is not used, depletes its reserves of movement and stops. is necessary to “crank” this watch . It does so each time an automatic mechanism, turning twice counterclockwise. But there is a small button that you can press to rotate it at will. Mindful of its operation, in a small video recorded by Chris Harris

Bentayga Breitling Bentley Tourbillon clock. £ 150k.

– Chris Harris (harrismonkey) September 16, 2015

Now, I hope that if you buy a Bentayga as well have saved in your garage . Because if someone “you open it” could take more than a radio.

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