The virgin, the seat of balls… the journeys of our childhood and all the wonderful accessories of the car of the grandfather

The virgin, the seat of balls… the journeys of our childhood and all the wonderful accessories of the car of the grandfather
5 years ago

The virgin, the seat of balls… the journeys of our childhood and all the wonderful accessories of the car of the grandfather

I’ve woken up the nostalgic. My grandfather is already years with impaired health and is admitted in the hospital, with a diagnosis of time much at risk. I started to remember those trips that we did all the family in your car, from my Asturias home to a village of Zamora, in which veraneábamos. The 90’s were just released, and perhaps it is the temporal distance, but everything seemed more real. The bars of road, gas stations with tapes of Camela… and those marvelous accessories “viejunos” car.

Long road trips without the constant fear of the radars, with many fewer worries…

Undoubtedly those were other times, I don’t know if for good or for evil, but more simple. My grandfather had a good car, a Saab 9000, but like many other spaniards of the post-war period, could not, brand new car until well into the 60’s. With highways newly acquired, and a total lack of radar, I remember standing in the back seat of the car, while my grandfather put it to 160, 170, 180… for my excitement. I don’t know, perhaps that was what turned me into a quemadillo, addicted to everything that had a motor and wheels.

That Saab had seat belts in all seating positions, but it never was very demanding with its use. If I was uncomfortable, I tumbaba on the seat and I took it back. If the sun bothered me, my grandmother put a blanket on the window and caught against the frame of the door way curtain. Seen in retrospect, and with the information we have today about the safety systems of a car, many of those behaviors were reckless. At that time, no one seemed to mind.

We tend to remember only the good of the past, it is true. Fortunately, much progress has been made in road safety, and he dies a lot less people at the wheel.

The bars of road were quite a sight. Full of truckers, dirty, and always attractive to a child who had barely lived the road. A pincho of tortilla and a chocolate milkshake was the best of the delicacies when I was away from home. I remember that I got lost in those metal towers full of cassettes, group, country, success of the route of cod or the more pure gitaneo. Of course, all over the world smoked, raged swear words and drank in the full path – and not just reeds.

I also Remember travel in beat-up Ford Fiesta of the year 1977 that I had my father by that time, and the multitude of failures of the one thing. My other grandfather had a Renault 11, and was much more “customized” than the impeccable Saab 9000 of my maternal grandfather. The one Renault 11 was a showcase for that automotive world now extinct, to which I wanted to pay a simple homage with this article. We start with a classic: San Cristobal, in the form of a picture taped to the dashboard or knob of the shift lever.

I Also can’t ignore those covers seats, made of pellets of wood. Small thought they were only for the mechanics, because my grandfather had been a mechanic in his youth. Until I saw that many cars and transportation professionals on the wearer. When is the last time you have seen it?

Very typical of the time were the sunshades, in a multitude of occasions advertising, and made of cardboard, nothing of reflective materials high-tech. In addition, were present in all the windows of the car. In front of, behind, on the sides. One car looked like an advertisement andante of Coca-Cola.

In all rear seats of the era had at least a pair of cushions – usually, the most worn-out of home – and sometimes a blanket. If someone wanted to sleep in the car. As there were no systems of children’s entertainment on-board, you’d be lucky if the bag on the seat had a coloring book, a crossword puzzle book or even a magazine car!

it Was very common for cars of the era had the motto of the manufacturer in your rear window. That mythical “with You at the end of the world” of the Peugeot 205, or those emblems that warned, “5-speed” on the back of the Renault. stickers from holiday destinations of the costa del sol were also common and at least in Asturias, the mythical reference to the Virgin of Covadonga: “I drive, she guides me”.

I have also Not forgotten the a multitude of cassettes strewn through the doors of the car, of the one heavy radio removable cassette that my grandpa always wore on his sleeve for fear of the cacos, of one cloth grungy to clean the windshield when empañaba and those baffles of plastic located in the upper part of the window. All by to get a little air in those trips without air conditioning, and avoid turmoil. Did you know that they are optional in the new Toyota Prius?

I Am sure I have left out more things. I also urge you may tell us your experiences auto of that bygone era, full of memories and sensations. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to eat some worms and see on YouTube the opening ceremony of Barcelona ’92. What lasts is the nostalgia at times.

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