The SUV seven-seater Subaru will come in 2018

The SUV seven-seater Subaru will come in 2018
5 years ago

The SUV seven-seater Subaru will come in 2018

After many dimes and bickering, we finally have fresh information and official on the SUV seven-seater Subaru is expected to launch. This new model will be the flagship of the brand and also its largest model, occupying the gap that for years belonged to the Subaru Tribeca, a SUV that did not work in Europe nor in north America, and which ceased production in January of 2014.

A Subaru bigger is something that you really many customers are demanding and Subaru is already preparing a new generation of the SUV is at least 7 squares. By the time we know that his arrival in dealerships is scheduled for early 2018 and that will be a model of larger dimensions than the Tribeca, with a good third row of seats and that will have a new name. This means that it will be one of those classic and giant suvs they like in north America, which drastically decreases the possibilities that we see in Europe.

The third row of seats of the SUV from Subaru will be more extensive than that of the Tribeca

Another of the information that Subaru has confirmed is that the new model will be produced at the facilities of Lafayette, Indiana, in conjunction with the Legacy, Outback and the new Subaru Impreza sedan and hatchback that will come from face-to-2016. It was in this factory where they are building the Subaru Tribeca.

Subaru is currently beating sales records and the united States is its main market. There take 7 years of continued growth and this new SUV with three rows of seats it is important to continue to grow in the competitive north american market.

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