The SsangYong XLV arrives in Spain
4 years ago

The SsangYong XLV arrives in Spain

For these days begins in Spain the marketing of the long variant of the Tivoli. This is the SsangYong XLV, a fusion between an SUV and a monovolúmen, that offers 720 litres of cargo capacity.

SsangYong starts in Spain, the commercialization of the XLV, a by-product of the Tivoli which is known for its large load capacity. Is 23,5 inches longer than the Tivoli, a product with which SsangYong has not stopped reaping successes in Europe.

The SsangYong XLV maintains unaltered the industry front with regard to the Tivoli until the C-pillar, but thanks to an overhang longer and without altering the distance between the axles achieves a greater capacity of the luggage compartment, which offers a breathtaking 720 litres of capacity, all within a body of 4,44 meters in length.

To achieve accommodate those extra inches within the body, SsangYong resorted to a modification in the rear pillar and the addition of a new side window. The interior in both is almost equal to that of his younger brother, emphasizing their correct materials.

The Spanish range is articulated on the basis of three trim versions called Line, Premium, and Limited. Depending on the finish, the XLV will be able to mount system of information and entertainment with touch screen and built-in browser, automatic climate control, keyless access, start button, rain sensor, automatic ignition of lights, multifunction steering wheel, heated seats, camera back, upholstery leather, roof rails, daytime running lights LED – alloy wheels of 18 inches, etc

The offer mechanics derives directly from Tivoli, with options gasoline on the basis of a block 1.6-liter 128 HP or diesel 1.6 i with 115 HP. In both cases, it has been chosen only by a drive system simple and a manual change of six marches, although next to the diesel engine can also opt for a automatic change of six relations, although for the moment there will be versions with four-wheel drive.

The prices recommended are the following:

  • SsangYong XLV 1.6 128 HP 6MT Line 16.650 €
  • SsangYong XLV 1.6 128 HP 6MT Premium of 18,500 €
  • SsangYong XLV 1.6 diesel 115 CV 6MT Premium to €20,000
  • SsangYong XLV 1.6 diesel 115 CV 6MT Limited with 22,000 €
  • SsangYong XLV 1.6 diesel 115 CV 6AT Premium 22.000 €
  • SsangYong XLV 1.6 diesel 115 CV 6AT Limited to 24,000 €

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