The Seat Ateca is still in trouble, again more delays
6 years ago

The Seat Ateca is still in trouble, again more delays

SEAT is living a few moments nothing pleasant. We all know the problems that the SEAT Ateca is taking on his first commercial release. It seemed that the new all road from the Spanish firm was going to sweep the market, however the problems they had with the certification of alternative diesel 2.or TDI with traction at the front axle, binds a new drawback.

As we know the brand is without being able to supply the demand that is taking the Ateca. Removing “temporary” from the market the version is not approved is making the demand viré towards other engines, and this situation is causing a bottleneck in the factory Kvasiny (Czech Republic). In addition to an error in the catalogues has also led to a certain lack of control in the dealerships.

The motorization that is suffering from this problem is the petrol 1.4-liter TSI with 150 hp. The issue is that the brand did not have enough motors as to meet the demand of Ateca with this mechanical configuration. This situation seems surreal but is causing delays in production occur on the clients feelings of anger and frustration.

In the forum www.clubseatateca.com we have been able to read some other views on how the brand is handling the situation. As far as we know orders of the same 1.4-litre TSI could be delayed until February or march of next year. This scheduled delivery date is exhausting the patience of some customers and are complaining about the treatment received.

The error of the catalogues has had a better solution. They were introduced errors in the allocation of series of the model. The most commented on was the suspension piloted DCC because it cannot mount and on some engines was said to be serial. After the location of the error have been withdrawn and are replaced by new ones.

We are confident that SEAT fixed sooner rather than later this situation and the Ateca you can get back your normal business in very little time.

Source – Club Seat Ateca


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