The Renault Capture to review to reduce their emissions of NOx

The Renault Capture to review to reduce their emissions of NOx
5 years ago

The Renault Capture to review to reduce their emissions of NOx

Renault called to review 15.800 units of its successful Renault Capture, the SUV segment B made in Spain. The reason is not other to solve a problem with the control of NOx emissions from the engine. The brand also offer this improvement on a voluntary basis other 700,000 customers, in order to avoid a scandal that could reach the magnitude of the Volkswagen.

In the beginning it seems that the call to review will only affect the Renault Capture in diesel engine 1.5 dCi 110 horses power, the more powerful, versions with Euro 6 engine. This call to review collides with the recent statements of the brand after the records in their offices and with the preliminary reports of the Commission Royal appointed by the Minister of Ecology French Segolene Royal.

According to Renault, the call to review each of these Capture will result in a half-day of work. The problem is in the filters that neutralize the emissions of NOx that do not work properly when the outdoor temperature is less than 17 ° C or higher than 35 ºC. It seems to be that this anomaly has not been detected in tests of type approval and different test, because these are carried out at temperatures of between 20 and 30 ºC. In such a case, the performance in the tests would be correct, without manipulation of the data.

Renault replace those particulate filters to comply with the regulations to the letter, but the brand insists that they have not falsified emissions with any kind of device to bypass the regulations and deceive the customers. By the time has not been proven that Renault have done traps explicitly and voluntarily, but we will be watchful for if you detect new anomalies.

Source – Automotive News Europe

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