The Opel Ampera-e arrives in Europe, more expensive than the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3
4 years ago

The Opel Ampera-e arrives in Europe, more expensive than the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3

Opel Ampera-e

Opel Ampera-e will come in the first place to Norway, that is -long – the largest electric car market in Europe, both in share and in absolute size. That will be in the spring. Later you will arrive to Germany, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands, which are other countries of importance in the electrical matter.

Now the factory of Orion (Michigan, USA) can not produce all the cars that the market demands on both sides of the Atlantic. Let us remember that the Opel Ampera-e is basically the same car that the Chevrolet Bolt. In north America it is sold with the badge of the bow tie, in Europe with the lightning.

cars are coming out of the factory at a rate of a hundred journal. As you go increasing the capacity of production, both Ampera-e as the Bolt will be sold in more markets. Within the united States the Bolt is available only in California and Oregon. Later arrive in New York, Virginia, Massachusetts and other coastal states.

The first three owners of Chevrolet Bolt received their car yesterday in Fremont (California), very close to the factory of Tesla Motors. These gentlemen come from having a Chevrolet Spark EV, BMW i3 and Toyota Prius

In such states there is a legal requirement by which manufacturers must sell cars zero emission (purely electric), at the same time that the customers can benefit from generous aid. The standard price (MSRP) is 37.495 dollars, and with the maximum grant of $ 7,500 remains in 29.995 usd.

And what about in Europe?

In Norway, the Opel Ampera-e is located in price above the Nissan Leaf and the BMW i3, something understandable considering that is the model non-Tesla of more autonomy of the market, more than 500 kilometers in the combined cycle (NEDC), and around 400 kilometres actual. Various opponents of the Ampera-and have improved their autonomies over the last few months, but both do not reach.

The distance in price of the Nissan Leaf is important, since the japanese comes to 204.990 crowns by 299.900 of the Ampera-e. The lower the distance with respect to the BMW i3, the German boots in 267.500 crowns. Eye, both Leaf as i3 have even less autonomy in their basic versions. Check out how are prices adjusting levels of autonomy more comparable.

Brand and model Autonomy approved Price in Norway The change in euros
BMW i3 (22 kWh) 190 km 251.600 crowns 27.885,29 euros
BMW i3 (33 kWh) 300 km 267.500 crowns 29.647,52 euros
Nissan Leaf (24 kWh) 170 km 204.990 crowns 22.719,42 euros
Nissan Leaf (30 kWh) 250 km 254.990 crowns 28.261,01 euros
Opel Ampera-e (60 kWh) >500 km 299.900 isk 33.238,47 euros

In other words, the Ampera-e is more expensive than the versions with the most similar Leaf and i3, equipment apart, but there is a large gap in price if we consider that the Ampera-and it practically doubles the autonomy of the Nissan and exceeds easily the BMW. Adjusting equipment, the distance would be reduced is expected.

The Opel Ampera-e is of external dimensions similar to the i3, or by leaving the sample at home, similar to the Corsa. Now, at the level of habitability is a car more similar to the Astra. To be the Ampera-and a model designed from scratch as a model 100% electric the distribution of its components is optimal, the space is better utilized and you do not need more size on the outside.

therefore, for the sizes european, the Ampera-and it is a car that will fit with the tastes of a large number of buyers, but do not imitate an off-road in style, now that the segments most demanded, the compact (livability) and subcompact (exterior size). We can not convert the prices “capon” for the Spanish market for two reasons.

The BMW i3, with 33 kWh battery, it stays at a price level quite similar

In the first place, the tax system Norwegian is different from our. In the second place, the manufacturer can modify those prices at will, for example if it only comes the most equipped. In Norway electric are already 15% of sales, but in Spain the share of the electric remains very low and does not reach the 2%. If the production volume is limited, General Motors will bring models more fitted because they give more margin.

Also keep in mind that until you reach the Ampera-and to Spain, until two years later, may have become the aid for the purchase for electric models. Our country is not a market priority to General Motors in which the electrical means. The network of public charging still does not have enough capillarity, but it is something that improves every day.

General Motors will take advantage to remove all of the customers of the Tesla Model 3, price very similar, given that 400,000 people are waiting and paid the $ 1,000 of refundable reserve. If production schedules are delayed, the Bolt will have played with more advantage and you can go on taking customers in that queue. But before that, the factory has to raise quite the rate of production, 100 cars per day are not enough.

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