The new Volkswagen Tiguan 2016 opens system Security & Service
4 years ago

The new Volkswagen Tiguan 2016 opens system Security & Service

The new Volkswagen Tiguan is much improved in the section of security and connectivity.

new generation of the Volkswagen Tiguan has given an important qualitative advance in technology and security is concerned. Not long ago we discussed the major technological developments that the launch of the Tiguan in 2016. And they are not few. Focused both to improve the security and comfort of the driver and passengers, the refreshed SUV German is placed as a proposal much more interesting and attractive.

however, the news does not end here, because as you can read in the headline of this article, the new Volkswagen Tiguan 2016 opens system Security & Service. This is the first time that we find this system in the range of the Tiguan. Located as one of the fundamental pillars of the platform, Car-Net Volkswagen, this system enhances the ability of management and control of various facets of the vehicle with services that are divided by groups according depending on the version that chooses the client: Basic or Plus.

Regardless of the version you opt to go, in any case, we will always have the Emergency Call service. Either manually or automatically if the car detects that there has been an accident. In such a case, the Tiguan will send the Emergency service of Volkswagen the vital information indicating the location, direction of travel and the number of passengers that were circulated in the vehicle. Once established the call, it will start a voice conversation with the client until they reach the local emergency services.

this Is the first time that we will find the system Security & Service in the Tiguan.

To the option Basic System Security & Service, we will include the following services:

  • Report of the Condition of the Vehicle. The car will send data regularly or on-demand to the Data Centre of Volkswagen and that can be accessed via the customer web portal.
  • Maintenance Planning. It will offer the possibility to the driver to establish a simple way an Appointment of Service in the workshop when the car detects that it needs to.
  • Manual Call. In case of breakdown, we will be able to make a manual call to Volkswagen Assistance. In this call also includes the transmission of data to improve the effectiveness of aid at the time.
  • Automatic Notification of an Accident. In the case of suffering a minor accident, the client can send information on the vehicle data and the GPS position of the same to the Call Center Volkswagen.

on the other hand, the option Plus System Security & Service allows, in addition to the above, the following:

  • remotely Control the closing of doors and trunk of the car.
  • to Activate the emergency lights at a distance and know if they are enabled or disabled.
  • Activate and deactivate the heating of the car using the smartphone or the customer portal.
  • to Activate the anti-theft system of the car.
  • Location via GPS instead of parking the car.
  • Access to information and drive state of the vehicle through the smartphone’s or the customer portal.
  • Check if all the doors are closed as well as the state of the lights using your smartphone.

the interior of The new Volkswagen Tiguan 2016 to detail.

And in last place, in the case of the Volkswagen Tiguan GTE (plug-in hybrid), we add the following functions to the option Plus:

  • battery Management and schedule charging to take advantage of the best electricity rates.
  • Regulation of the temperature inside of the car so that it is at the ideal temperature at the beginning of the march.

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