The new Lada Niva 4×4 could arrive in 2018

The new Lada Niva 4×4 could arrive in 2018
3 years ago

The new Lada Niva 4×4 could arrive in 2018

The Lada 4×4, better known by his denomination above Lada Niva, is one of the suv’s most famous market, at the same time that one of the cars more long-lived. Leads on sale since 1977 and in nearly 40 years to penalties to be received changes. Its robustness and simplicity, accompanied by a competitive price, were decades behind the reasons for the success of the Lada Niva in markets such as Spain, and currently they still are in other countries, as its Russian homeland.

The Lada Niva is reluctant to retire, but according to Izvestia in 2018 AutoVAZ plans to launch substitute of the Lada Niva. It will be a completely new model, larger dimensions, and with bodies of three and five doors, as in the current Niva. The new Lada 4×4 will continue to be an off-roader and it will keep its all-wheel drive permanent, center differential, lockable and gearbox, but other things will use a new rack steering, in place of the screw and use a engine is more modern, prestacional and efficient that the 1.7 i-83 CV of the Niva today. Some sources speak of that could offer a diesel engine inns of origin Renault.

Lada Niva 2

But the arrival of a new generation of Lada Niva 4×4 does not imply the disappearance of this old rocker. Both models will co-exist for a time yet to be determined, since the brand’s considered risky not to overlap the two products, since it is unknown what will be the reaction of the public to the new generation. The current Lada Niva is a model that has very good acceptance and it makes no sense to sentence him to death, so that the date of his disappearance is at the moment unknown. The new generation also will provide a step forward in terms of comfort, equipment and quality of finishes.

In 1998 has already reached the market Lada Niva 2 (VAZ-2123, top image), which could be considered the second generation of the famous suv. This model has remained in production until recently under the name of Chevrolet Niva. The model of Chevrolet you will also receive a new generation, dramatically improving its predecessor.

The Lada Niva five-door is quite a rarity outside of the markets of Eastern Europe

Source – Izvestia

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