The Hyundai IONIQ increase its electric range in 2018
4 years ago

The Hyundai IONIQ increase its electric range in 2018

The Hyundai IONIQ, electric will increase its autonomy over 320 km in 2018.

has not Yet come to the market and we already know that in just two years, will receive its first major update. We talked about the Hyundai IONIQ, electric, the third variant of the family IONIQ. There are many who speak of an electric car that will reach a market that is already well ahead of the benefits it will offer. And the truth is that reason is not lacking.

in spite of the innovation that is the fact that Hyundai has developed a family of three vehicles under the same architecture using three types of mechanical different (hybrid, hybrid plug-in and electric), it is evident that in terms of electric range the new IONIQ will “cripple” to the dealers. Hyundai are aware of this and are already working on to fix it.

Ahn Byung-ki, Director of Ecological Vehicles of Hyundai, has been who has confirmed that for the year 2018, the new IONIQ you receive an improvement that will increase your autonomy in a considerable way above 320 km. Is more, points out that the 250 kilometres of today are “insufficient”, even if you already work in a “plan” to improve the autonomy.

currently, the Hyundai IONIQ, electric fixed an autonomy of only 200 km according to the cycle EPA.

it should Be remembered that the Hyundai IONIQ, electric that will come to
dealers will soon be powered by a electric motor of 120 HP and 295 Nm maximum torque associated with a
package batteries of ion of lithium of
28 kWh
of capacity which, according to Hyundai, and as we have said, fixed a
autonomy of 250 kilometers with a single charge. Your maximum speed will be
in the 165 km/h.

Hyundai IONIQ, Electric – Comparison of Autonomy

In the following table compare
the Hyundai IONIQ, with some of its rivals
within the vehicle’s market
electric. While many of them are vehicles of the separate segment, the
have, for the moment, little competition for this type of vehicles in the sector
the car, it is logical to think that rivalizarán between them. We have from the
recently introduced Opel Ampera-e until the expected Tesla Model 3
will hit the market next año.

Modelo Batería Autonomía
Hyundai IONIQ 28 kWh 250 Km
Opel Ampera-e 60 kWh 500 Km
Nissan Leaf 30 kWh 250 Km
BMW i3 33 kWh 300 Km
Renault Zoe 41 kWh 400 Km
Tesla Model 3 60 kWh 350 Km

Note: some of the earlier cars are not currently available in the market but they will arrive in 2017. The figures of autonomy correspond to the cycle NEDC.

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