The Fiat Qubo 2017, begins its testing winter
4 years ago

The Fiat Qubo 2017, begins its testing winter

The entry into force of new policies antiemisiones and anti-pollution have forced the majority of the brands update their models. In this occasion we talk about the smallest of the family of industrialists of Fiat, the Fiat Qubo 2017, that starts now with your evidence of winter in the cold north of Europe.

Not seen many design changes, but it is soon to say with determination

Also known as the Fiat Fiorino, Qubo carries penalties of seven years in the market. Came to meet the needs of those buyers who are looking not only for a vehicle of rugged work, but also a family holidays and spacious. Among its rivals, we can find the Peugeot Partner Teepee, with which it shares a large quantity of items.

simple view does not appreciate excessive design changes over the current model. Well it is true that the unit discovered going very camouflaged, especially the nose, so we can imagine that will be in this area where to concentrate the greatest amount of design changes. The rear, at least on this unit, does not seem to receive many changes.

As it is forced in every new generation that is presented, the technology will be reviewed, improved and implemented. Not to be a commercial vehicle we have to think that we are before a equipment spartan. It is true that they may not be equated with tourism, but for sure we see new gadgets on the Fiat Qubo.

The unit intercepted is purely industrial, with double rear door, in addition to the lateral

Where there are sure to be changes is in the engine. Currently, the Qubo offers engines, short in the front and power, with a maximum of 95 HP. The problem is that all of them are Euro 5, so Fiat will have to work to get them to be Euro6. It is here where you will likely see the biggest change of all. Even we will soon know, since there’s no waiting for your submission until the middle or end of next year.

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