The Ferrari Dino 206 P Berlinetta Speciale 1965 on sale for the first time after 52 años
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The Ferrari Dino 206 P Berlinetta Speciale 1965 on sale for the first time after 52 años

Designed by Aldo Brovarone at 1964.

After obtaining the ephemeral title of vehicle more expensive sold in Europe, obtained by the Ferrari 335 Sport Scaglietti in the edition 2016 of the Salon Retromobile, the auction house French Artcurial begin to present the stars of the future edition of the 2017 event Artcurial Motorcars Retromobile Sale, which will take place in the appointment of classics gala next month, February 2017, where it will shine the sole prototype of the Dino 206 P Berlinetta Speciale Pininfarina of 1965.

Although it has not yet been published the catalog with all lots for sale, which we understand is still in preparation, of Artcurial already announce which surely will be one of the most prominent, and with reason, of all the staff that we will be able to see the sale in the Salon Retromobile.

After two editions outside of the series, with the sale of the then newly-discovered collection Baillon in 2015 and the above-mentioned record in Europe of the 335 Sport Scaglietti ex collection Bardinon of this year, the next edition 2017 already begins to show the stars poster.

The 206 P in the stand of Pininfarina.

The prototype of the images was a key part of the history of the Italian brand, since this was not only the inspiration for the lines that Fioravanti drew them to the Dino 206 GT of street, in addition, this represented the first step of the same range of central motor that has arrived until our days as the cornerstone of the catalogue of the Italian brand.

Until the arrival of the sole prototype, created by Pininfarina and presented at the Paris motor show of 1965, the Dino is limited to a series of models of competition characterised by the new six-cylinder engine in V and whose design worked the late son of Enzo Ferrari, Alfredo, and who from the sixties were installed after the pilot. The first time that the name Dino replaced the Ferrari emblem on the exterior of the vehicle was in the Dino 166 P, 1965, chassis 0834, until then, the name Dino as he was only present on the tops of the cylinder heads of the V6.

The special prototype that will be auctioned in February by Artcurial was made by the Pininfarina on one of the racks of the new 206 P competition, frame 0840, equipped with the V6 engine, the Dino that raised his the front of the 1.6-liter original 2.0-liter, which came to yield up to 200 horses in its specifications for career.

scale Model of the 206 P.

contrary To what announces Artcurial Motorcars in his note of presentation, the prototype of Pininfarina was not designed by the great Leonardo Fioravanti but by Aldo Brovarone, who was also among the ranks of the coachbuilder Italian. Fioravanti was responsible for the lines of the production version, the Dino 206 GT, which was inspired by the radical prototype Brovarone.

Brovarone drew a front extremely low and sharp, so much so that the front wheel not only protruded with respect to this but that were even higher than the actual waist line of the prototype. The nose was formed by a lid of plexiglass in the shape of a peak that covered the four circular headlights, its distinguishing identity feature. The silhouette continued the lines of the front wheel to flow very low until the soft fall from the rear.

Equipped with the engine Dino six-cylinder in V at 65 degrees of 2.0 liters, this was located longitudinally, as in the models of competition and unlike in the Dino GT production, which put him in a transversal way to the march.

The two designs Brovarone for the Dino 206 P Berlinetta Speciale.

The design chosen for the prototype was the more risky of the two options that were created in the beginning, the other option which finally led to production, incorporating details such as the side air intakes, or the silhouette, clearly inspired by the prototype of 1965. Creating the range of a Dino V6, which with the time became the berlinettas V8 Ferrari that have arrived until our days.

After the successful introduction of the Dino prototype in Paris, and the following year was presented in Turin the road version, signed by Fioravanti and who drank too clearly the lines of this special concept with frame and engine of competition. Up to 1968 did not enter in the production Dino 206 GT street, in the format of the coupé and without the trademark or the Ferrari emblem on its body, by the express desire of the Commendatore, who did not want to associate their image to that of a model that is more “economic” than their Gran Turismo V12 traditional.

In the spring of 1967, Sergio Pininfarina, with the consent of the same Enzo Ferrari, handed over the prototype to the Automobile Museum of Le Mans, where he has been one of the few vehicles not competition that has been exhibited all these years.

The Dino 206 P was the inspiration for the Ferrari Sergio 2013 to be the favorite of Sergio Pininfarina.

Being one of the favorites of Sergio Pininfarina, the son of the founder of the bodybuilders ‘ Batista ‘Pinin’ Farina, 206 P was the inspiration for creating the modern concept Ferrari Sergio 2013, held in tribute to the then recently deceased Sergio, and that would lead to a short limited series based on the concept.

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