The dieselgate claims a new victim: Farewell to the VW Golf R400
3 years ago

The dieselgate claims a new victim: Farewell to the VW Golf R400

If you were dreaming of with a Volkswagen Golf R with 400 horsepower, you’ll have to continue dreaming, since the German firm has terminated in a final manner. The engine could be used on some models of Audi.

Andl scandal surrounding the emissions values forged by Volkswagen in their diesel engines, just charged a new victim. Displayed two years ago as a prototype in the framework of the motor show in Beijing, the Volkswagen Golf R400 is no longer part of the plans of the German firm, as part of the cuts related to the models that do not promise sales figures are important.

The Golf R400, I was going to use a 4-cylinder engine with 2.0 liters in front and a power of around 400 horsepower. Come to the market to be placed above the Golf R, not only in terms of power, but also of price, so a niche market too tight it was not fitting to the current situation of Volkswagen.

had Already been confirmed in an official manner by the head of Research and Development of Volkswagen, Heinz-Jakob disease Nesser, but the R400 finally you will not see the light, despite the fact that its development was very advanced, even with some units that had already been harvested while rolled by the circuit of Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Is that when Neusser was forced to resign in the wake of the scandal of emissions of the diesel engines, the project was suspended. However, and according to what is said in AutomotiveNews, that does not mean that the development of the engine EA888 2.0-liter have been in vain, since will find its way into some of the Audi models, although the story does not explain what will be.

The same source notes that the engine could be used in the current Golf R, with a power that at least would reach 350 HP, speaks of a use in the current generation of the Golf R in a special series of high-performance, with a power of at least 350 HP.

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