The BMW M3 is 30 years old! we Tried all their generations!

The BMW M3 is 30 years old! we Tried all their generations!
4 years ago

The BMW M3 is 30 years old! we Tried all their generations!

it has Been over 30 years since it was introduced for the first time the BMW M3. The car presented in 1985, and born in the world of competition immediately there was a gap in the story, standing as a benchmark in its segment, dominating hundreds of championships around the world and achieving a business results in unbeatable.

rarely have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a car that is already a legend and an object of worship among fans. But in addition, if we talk about power lead their generations in the same day and do it in a competition circuit with so much history behind as the circuit of Jarama one cannot help feeling all a privileged.

the first M3 with code E30 it has been followed by four more generations and a representative of each one of them were waiting in the pitlane of the layout of madrid. A better way of to appreciate the differences and the personality of each one of the generations of this sports legend.

A bit of history

If you allow me, before telling the experience I will begin by recalling how he was born on the M3. I will be brief. In 1983 BMW thought that the Series 3 E30 would be a good basis to compete in various championships of passenger cars within the Group. This circumstance made it necessary for them to market to 5,000 units of street in order to homologate the vehicle for competition. BMW Motorsport put hands to the work.

as Well at the iaa in Frankfurt in 1985, they presented the BMW M3, the sports version of the 3 Series that sported a body widened, new elements aerodynamic, a 200 horsepower engine, a gearbox Getrag and a limited-slip differential rate to 25%. Exceed the minimum number of sales for the type-approval was child’s play came to market 17.970 units of the M3 E30, both in its standard version as in the different editions which appeared during his presence in the dealers.

it Was clear that the BMW M3 was destined to be a legend car: swept in the sphere of trade and also in the races. In fact, the model bavarian can boast of being the tourism more successful in the competition of the story: more than 1,500 victories in all the world and dozens of national titles and international support.

Test BMW M3 E30 (1985)

With him it all began and that is why it is the most coveted. Is already a classic. The fins flared out, are all a statement of intentions but also is distinctive for its large rear spoiler, tire multirradio 15-inch, dual-exhaust outlet and the grill that looks proud logo M3.

Your engine is a four-cylinder 2.3-liter that delivers 200 HP. In terms of performance has been widely surpassed by its successors but does not matter: the E30 in love by their feelings. The steering, very direct and precise, is his best quality. It is possible to attack the curves with a lot of decision, noticing its lightness in all the turns, but should not be trusted because the braking is not as strong as one might expect. One of its peculiarities is gearbox inverted, that is to say, with the first down and the second and third speed sharing lane.

Test BMW M3 E36 (1992)

, Among other awards, the M3 second generation was awarded as “Car of the Century” by the French magazine Auto Plus. What is certain is that the M3 E36 has a little picture apart from other versions of the 3 Series reason that your design may call some attention, an advantage if we like the look of wolf with lamb skin. Others will see it as an inconvenience and perhaps this is why not get a few quotes from very high in the second hand market.

An assessment that may be unfair considering the huge leap of performance with respect to the previous generation. BMW arranged for a six-cylinder engine in line with 3.2 litres and 286 HP, which were raised subsequently up to the 321 HP. For the first time had a change of six marches. Seat type-bucket we hold as we tackle the curves, the braking is also more powerful, but also note very demanding demanding all the attention of the driver to squeeze his performance.

Test BMW M3 E46 (2000)

The generation E46 was claimed by its six-cylinder engine with 3.2 litres and 343 HP. It is, possibly, one of the best mechanical made by the bavarian manufacturer throughout its history, it’s almost nothing! Good proof of this is that this driver won on six occasions, the prestigious international award “Engine of the Year”.

What is certain is that both the performance of the engine as the dynamic behaviour are above reproach, making the E46 the generation of more balanced. In addition to his design remains just as attractive thanks to numerous details that betray it as a product of BMW M as the characteristic grille on the front wing and the four forceful exhaust outlets.

Test BMW M3 E90 (2007)

The versions most requested of the fourth generation of the M3 were the bodywork of the coupé (E92) with the box sequential dual-clutch DKG. However, in the circuit in madrid waiting for us so it can be considered a rarity: an M3 with bodywork sedan (E90) and manual switching. Its owner said that the best of the car was its versatility: fun on a circuit, convenient and practical in the day-to-day.

With the model launched in 2007 BMW used for the first time to an engine of eight cylinders to give life to a M3. A feature that has a direct influence on your individuality: the sound of the block 4.0 V8 that lives under the bulging hood is delicious, chipper hypnotic that it makes you enjoy even more of their 420 HP, although the disadvantage is note more heavy than their brothers.

Test BMW M3 F80 (2014)

The current generation of the sedan German is the best that we know. In fact, the unit present on the Jarama was the one that we use in the unmissable story of ‘Mission Impossible’. With the F80 Bayerische returned to the configuration of six cylinders but leaving aside the aspiration, this is the first M3 with a turbocharged engine. The mechanical BMW M TwinPower Turbo is a six-cylinder biturbo 3.0 liter and 431 CV. Also for the first time the versions coupé and cabrio change of name, happening to be called BMW M4, but without losing any of their quality as we see in the face of the M4 Coupe with the Lexus RC F.

The evolution of these 30 years has as a result the M3 more powerful and more efficient than any. And the more technological since we have dozens of gadgets safety and comfort, electronic controls that mask our mistakes behind the wheel and even an exhaust system active which transmits the engine sound through the speakers. They may have been lost a little bit the feelings of the E30 but has gained in effectiveness, there is no doubt this.

¿What is the best? it Is difficult to opt for one, and our personal tastes have much to say. The E30 is the most iconic of all and a classic increasingly sought after, the E36 is tempting because it has a low quote in the market taking into account the benefits that it offers, the E46 represents the almost perfect balance, the E90 is able to fall in love by the sound emitted by its engine of eight cylinders and the F80 is the one that provides the best performance and consumption.

they All have their personality, characteristics that make them special, desirable and different from each other as well-we have been shown in the asphalt of the circuit of Jarama. And you do with what generation of the M3 you’d be?

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