The BMW i3 will get 200 miles of range thanks to some new batteries
4 years ago

The BMW i3 will get 200 miles of range thanks to some new batteries

The BMW i3 will have a new battery of lithium ion that will allow you to extend your autonomy of up to 200 kilometres. It will also have a new management software.

BMW does not want to fall behind compared to their competitors and after that Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Bolt announced a battery larger that allow you an extended autonomy, BMW did the same with the announcement that the i3 will win a new battery pack that will increase the range of the compact electric.

With its new lithium-ion batteries, the BMW i3 will have a range of around 200 kilometers with a single charge. The German brand will retain its battery of 22 kilowatt-hour, but you will have a higher power density with 18.7 kWh, which means an increase of 25 percent with respect to the current model.

Along with the batteries, will come some other related improvements with the electronics, that will affect a new management software the cooling system of the batteries and electric motor. At the same time, BMW announced that both the new management system as the new batteries will be available for to reconvert the old units, although the time has not been specified what will be your cost.

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