Test SsangYong XLV, a lot of space and good quality-price ratio
3 years ago

Test SsangYong XLV, a lot of space and good quality-price ratio

is Already available in our country SsangYong XLV. We have come to your presentation to learn first-hand the developments that we offer this new compact mpv of the hyundai brand. Although it uses the platform of the SsangYong Tivoli, the compact crossover that we already tested, it is clear from this entering a segment which is totally different. This will give the manufacturer a new market niche, where he will seek to settle as it did with the Rhodius.

Because do not forget that the SsangYong Rhodius is the best-selling model in the history of the brand. The XLV (eXciting Lifestyle Vehicle) is placed a step below this, because it has capacity for five passengers (compared to the seven of the Rhodius). The keys of this new C-MPV (compact mpv) will be a trunk outstanding and a very good price-quality ratio. Will you be able to the SsangYong XLV of face-planting to rivals like the Citroen C4 Picasso or Ford C-Max?

Front of Tivoli and behind Rhodius

let’s Start analyzing the outside the new XLV. For your body has set a color palette made up of seven shades, including the unpublished Galaxy Green. Outside you will find similarities with the Tivoli, especially in its front part. The front highlighted by a narrow grill that binds the two halogen headlights, including daytime running light LED. defenses are one of the most curious, surrounding the antinieblas and integrate tuition, in addition it will be duotone, and will have a chrome lighter in the most vivid colours, and darker in the more muted colors.

If we follow up we find a A-pillar in black color, which manages to give the feeling of floating roof. On the side we see some steps wheel very marked, especially the rear, which give it a muscular look. Help the wheels of 18 inches, serial in the finish Limited that we have between hands and bars from the ceiling. The C-pillar is another of the things that draws attention, with a width substantial is one of the characteristic elements of the brand.

In behind us come the reminiscences of the Rhodius. Here the lines are more rounded and look for something simpler. At the top our unit has a rear spoiler that integrates the LED brake light. In the center are the logo of the brand and the name of the model in some dimensions that will make it difficult for the vehicle you have behind not get to read it. On both sides riders rear, also in daylight, which have a curious way and extend a little to the side.

If you look at it from far away the feeling is awesome, however, not so great as it may seem. As we said, taking the platform of the Tivoli has lengthened the rear overhang to 23.5 inches. In total, it is in a length of 4,44 meters, while the battle remains intact at 2.6 metres. The rest of the measures are also similar to those of its rivals and remains in 1.8 meters wide and 1.63 meters high with bars on the ceiling.

doMore SUV than mpv? Well, it could give you that feeling by the approach of the SsangYong XLV. With a ground clearance of 16.7 cm, a entry angle of 20 degrees and one output of 20.8 degrees; might afford some other output to the field. But the brand is not looking for that approach and so will be the only model of its range do not offer traction 4×4. Does not seem to worry them, as they would be very few customers that would demand.

Inside of a higher quality and very broad

To enter the cabin of the SsangYong XLV we realize that the quality is higher to what we expected. It has influenced enough that our unit is equipped with the finish Limited, which is the top of range. We sat on his comfortable front seats that are coated TPU black, a synthetic leather pleasant to the touch and has the stitching in red color by contrast. At the top of the same a network of black lines and red will give a touch of youth.

The steering wheel is also covered with this material and in addition it presents an attractive image, with the bottom flattened and a trim “piano black”. This type of finish will also be present in the central console, accepting the buttons that control the air conditioning. At the top will be the 8-inch touch screen in addition, in our finishing has browser. It is not the final version but we see that it has a correct management, although somewhat different to that of other vehicles.

The rear seats have large amplitude

If there is speaking of space, the SsangYong XLV might also be called in so doing honor to other acronyms: eXtra Large Vehicle. passenger compartment is size XL taking into account their external actions. If the Tivoli did not stay short in this aspect, the new XLV improve considerably. The seats front are spacious and comfortable, even tell us that the seats they have won a prize back in South Korea. We are also grateful for the amount of hollow slide, which allow you to carry a laptop of 13 inches, a 10.1 ” tablet and up to 6 bottles (4 litre and a half).

The rear seat not far behind and will offer a space remarkable for three more passengers. In the case of traveling to four people, the seats will look the sofa of your house and there will be no problems, as there are hollow’s plenty of room for the legs and to the head, even to the highest. The backrest of the second row is adjustable and we can have it with an inclination of 27.5 or 32.5 degrees. If you want to travel a fifth passenger, you’ll notice a little lack of breadth, however, the túnel transmission will just be a nuisance, since it measures only to 4.8 inches.

720 litres of luggage space

we Arrived at one of the areas most prominent (if not most) of the SsangYong XLV. Extending the rear overhang of the Tivoli where more space is gained is in the trunk. Is presented with the capacity highest in its segment, nothing less than 720 litres. This space is achieved with the tray divider removed and taking into account that we are occupying the space of the spare wheel (can be ordered optionally). With the tray in its upper position, the capacity will be 574 litres, that is not bad.

The forms of this boot are very regular and allow meets to perfection the philosophy of the 5+5 (5 passengers with 5 suitcases). Although the mouth load we will be a little high, but neither will we see too much problem. To those who fall short of the 720 liters with the tray in the down position, will also be able to recline one of the rear seats (1.004-litre capacity), two rear seats (1.156 liters) or directly fold the second row of seats to reach to 1440 litres capacity.

Range of engines, concise

The SsangYong XLV can opt for the automatic change

After reviewing the exterior and interior of the SsangYong XLV, we’re going to range of engines. You will receive two mechanics that we don’t are unknown, since we have been able to see them at the Tivoli. We begin by the gasoline, known as G16 making reference to the type of fuel and its engine capacity of 1.6 liters. 128 HP) and 160 Nm of torque and can only be linked to a manual change of six speeds in the XLV. Approves a consumption of 6.8 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 159 g/km As a curiosity, can not be configured with the top finish.

The alternative is the diesel D16T, also of four cylinders and 1.6 liters, although this time turbocharged. Develops 115 HP and 300 Nm of torque between 1,500 and 2,500 rpm and can be linked to the six-speed manual transmission or an automatic with three driving modes. With the manual approves a consumption of 4.5 l/100km and CO2 emissions of 117 g/km, while the automatic reaches 5.9 litres and 154 grams of CO2. Both gasoline and diesel include the Start&Stop. As we said, there will be no version with all-wheel drive and is also not expected to receive more engines in the short term.

Sensations at the wheel

Now that we know the whole theory will tell you about the practical next to the SsangYong XLV. Our test was to board the diesel version with manual change and finish higher. The route would take place by sections of autopista and also for a fun twisty road. During the first few meters out of the city, the XLV shows us his character ‘comodón’, with a suspension quite firm but that you filter out well-the potholes and bumps. The address has three operating modes: Comfort, Normal and Sport; the latter being the most transmitted.

When we go out to the open road and demand more power, we realize the benefits of the engine D16T. Operation highlights at low spins, there is where you will find more comfortable. The 300 Nm of torque is delivered from 1,500 to 2,500 rpm and the power delivery is done in a way linear and progressive. It is not an engine usable in a regime with high, as from the 3,500 laps just notice the delivery.

Starts the secondary road with plenty of hairpin bends and here the XLV wins but don’t feel as comfortable. It is logical taking into account their dimensions and a body with greater height and more prone to rolling. On the other hand, the touch-change manual, which is quite straightforward, it pleases us. The consumption at the end of the section of around 8 litres, but we are confident that this figure would be down in a few situations more real. We finished the test, retaining the urge to ‘taste’ the automatic change.

Expectations of sales

Returning to the principle, that the SsangYong XLV is framed within the segment of minivans compact and not in the SUV has an explanation. The hyundai brand wants to enter a new market niche, where it annually sold 85,000 units, increased its presence by 30%. The goal is to start taking 1% of the segment, that is to say, to sell a 850 units per year. As sales have begun to middle of the year you expect to sell something for over 400 XLV in 2016.

there is Also an explanation the fact of not being able to configure the all-wheel drive on any version. And is that in this segment the 100% of the sales are of 4×2. According to this formula, approximately a 75% of the cars sold are diesel and only a 13% lead change automatic. 29% corresponds to vehicles of 7 seats (there would go the Rhodius), and 71% remaining are 5 squares like this XLV. Then we leave the equipment detailed and the list of prices, one of its strong points as is part of the 16.650 € .

Equipment of the SsangYong XLV

SsangYong XLV Online

  • Wheels, 16-inch
  • Climate control manual
  • Audio MP3, Bluetooth, USB and iPod connection
  • 6 speakers
  • fog lights
  • parking Aid rear
  • power Mirrors, left and right
  • multifunction steering Wheel
  • cruise Control
  • trip Computer
  • daytime running Light LED front and rear
  • lamps with LED stop Lamps
  • Indicator of gear change
  • folding Key with remote control
  • 6 airbags

SsangYong XLV Premium (added to Line)

  • Climate control bizona with memory
  • audio System with 8-inch touch screen
  • rear view Camera
  • Upholstery leather
  • roof Rails
  • rear Spoiler
  • rear windows tinted
  • Seat height-adjustable driver’s

SsangYong XLV Limited (added to Premium)

  • Wheels, 18-inch “Cut-Diamond”
  • Browser
  • solar Roof
  • steering Wheel and gear knob in leather
  • steering Wheel and heated front seats
  • Sensor lights and rain automatic
  • Mirrors folding with flashing LED
  • inside Mirror electro chromatic
  • Wiper Blades Aeroblade
  • Drivers knee
  • Smart Key (only automatic)

Among its optional equipment will highlight the metallic paint, since the unique free of charge is the silver and for the rest of the tones will have to shell out 450 euros. The browser may be equipped in the Premium finish for 500 euros. For all the finishes offered by the Pack Utility (tray cubremaletero and tray, rigid, articulated) for 200 euros and the Pack Wheel (Emergency wheel 125/80/16 and cork slides) for 100 euro.

Prices of the SsangYong XLV

Engine Change Finish Price discounted Price
G16 128 CV Manual 6v Line 18.900 € 16.650 €
G16 128 CV Manual 6v Premium 20.500 € of 18,500 €
D16T 115 HP Manual 6v Premium 22.000 € 20.000 €
D16T 115 HP Self-6v Premium 24.000 € 22.000 €
D16T 115 HP Manual 6v Limited 24.000 € 22.000 €
D16T 115 HP Self-6v Limited 26.000 € 24.000 €

The prices of the SsangYong XLV are to all clients alike. There will be discounts for financing, or for the benefit of the Plan PIVE. The only discounts will be the promotional campaign launch, which will reduce the price of the vehicle between 2.000 and 2.250 euros, leaving a amounts quite attractive.

Gallery of images of the SsangYong XLV


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