Test Renault Megane dCi 110 GT Line, taking care of every detail
4 years ago

Test Renault Megane dCi 110 GT Line, taking care of every detail

We’ve put ourselves behind the wheel of the new Renault Megane, one of the latest models that have arrived at dealerships Spanish and surely will have a big say in the rankings of sales. This is the fourth generation of the popular compact of the mark of the diamond and the change with respect to the previous it is clear what look where you look.

This model has Spanish flavor because is manufactured in Villamuriel de Cerrato (Palencia) and there have already left more than 4 million units since the birth of the first Megane a couple of decades ago. The version that we have been able to enjoy the account with the engine turbo dCi 110 CV and the interesting finish > Line.

A design very personal

in Addition to its present equipment, broad, version GT Line takes many of the elements outside as well as inside exclusive inspired by the Megane GT, the most powerful of the range currently. In fact, even the color of the body that looks this unit, the Blue Lightning, is only available for this finish and I feel really well (this key costs 800 euros).

the design of The Megane has been very well taken care with a few lines strained to gain dynamism and packaging. In addition there are several items that will provide you great personality as the optical with this signature bright distinctive C-shape of the daytime running lights, a feature that is also present in the Renault Talisman. These headlights employ technology Full LED Pure Vision.

Not missing a front grille with the characteristic lines of the latest releases of the French brand. It also highlights the bumper sports design and with specific grid, which comes with the finish > Line. Their shapes stand out even more thanks to some moldings in a tone which Renault calls Dark Metal.

This tone is repeated in the housing of the side mirrors, and in the alloy wheels of 17 inches -18 inches on the option – mounting, specific elements of this alternative as it is also the logo on the front flap. The compact Renault has gained in muscle with a marked volume in the inner part of the doors and a few bulging wheel arches, especially the rear, including even join visually with the rear.

The Megane Berlina has 4.36 m length

In fact, this bulky profile notes the rear headlights, which are the main protagonists in the behind of this car. Show a large, nearly joining each other, and are very horizontal to emphasize the width of the vehicle. Use LED technology and have an effect in 3D. Again, an item that reflects the unique personality of the new Megane. At the bottom it looks like the rear bumper with integrated diffuser own the finish > Line.

Interior brimming with quality

we are Going to see the inside. As the Megane has access hands-free it is not necessary to take your keys out of your pocket or, better said, the card as Renault continues to opting for this design which is already a sign of identity. Only with approach, before even touching the door handle, the vehicle gives us the welcome by turning on the lights.

the passenger compartment of The new Renault Megane gives a great print quality. Is very well finished and uses soft touch materials except in the lower part of the dashboard and the transmission tunnel. The version GT Line comes with a few magnificent seats of style backet that hold the body of wonder -in option-trimmed in Alcantara and heated, the steering wheel of special design, an attractive aluminum trim on the dashboard and some elements in color blue.

the top of The dashboard and the doors is lightly padded, using the same material to create an atmosphere more homogeneous and welcoming. Like the exterior, here also have been careful to the details and we can have, for example, different customization options either through driving modes, the color and intensity of the interior lighting or the design of the dashboard.

it is worth stopping in the beautiful instrumentation that integrates a screen TFT of 7 inches. It is configurable that you can choose between four designs and five colors (red, green, blue, violet or brown), combinable with each other. It also allows you to select different information to display as the indications schematic of navigation, a graph of the power delivery and torque in real-time or the broadcast station is selected. The instrumentation is complemented optionally (350 euros) with a practical Head up Display color.

The central console is dominated by the multimedia system R-LINK 2 that according to the level of the equipment carries a 7-inch touch screen -the one that leads our drive – or even a portrait of 8.7 inches, in the style of a tablet. In both cases the screen is capacitive so that it is possible to navigate through the menus and to use some features just like a smartphone -for example, expanding the zoom of the map navigation using two fingers.

Design elegant, refined atmosphere… the Megane looks for fall in love at first sight

Although sometimes you have to navigate through too many menus or submenus to select some functions, in general this system of Renault is very well resolved. The design is intuitive, the icons are large, the resolution is good and reacts well to the touch. To focus the universe of technology available for the Megane, there are occasionally to look away from the road to move around the screen as there are no physical buttons, except the system of air conditioning bizona.

The space in front is adequate but the back seats leave me with a bittersweet taste. It is true that the rear seats provide enough place for two occupants of up to 1.85 m height so that is not small, but taking into account that we are in a car that is well above average in length and width in this category we can say that space back is just okay, but not that it is particularly well exploited. The central square, by its forms, is more uncomfortable as to be usual in cars of this category.

One of the most interesting points of the compact Renault is the load capacity. The trunk presents 384 litres of capacity so that it has a generous size and, in addition, has forms which make it very usable. You can fold the backrest of the rear seats, though it is not a flat surface but a step. In this way we have up to 1.247 liters of volume. You are missing a floor that can be positioned in two heights to better distribute the load.

The efficiency by flag

At the wheel of the new Megane are going sitting very low, in a position quite sporty, and find a comfortable position is easy thanks to the adjustment of the seats which includes lumbar adjustment – and the steering wheel. We quickly called the attention that is very well sound-proofed. The noise is very low and even at motorway speeds the engine is heard very little.

The engine is a turbo Energy dCi 1.5-liter capacity which develops a maximum power of 110 HP. The engine is very smooth and very nice. The benefits are not too high for your power, but which are sufficient in the day-to-day considering that, despite the aesthetics, this release is not intended to be, tints sports.

This mechanism is associated to a manual change of six speeds, the operation of which I have not finished to convince. The displacements of the lever are not very refined, does not give a feeling of solidity and transmits some vibration. Optionally there is a change automatic EDC of double clutch and six gears that has a cost of 1500 euros and it may be worth considering.

From 0 to 100 in 11.2 seconds

moreover in the section dynamic this Renault meets well. The cushioning offers a good compromise between comfort and stability. Sometimes it is a little dry when we drive through bad roads, but in general it is comfortable. The best thing about this bozo is that twisty, the Megane shows a lot of poise, and your body just sways so it is unexpectedly agile.

wrapped steering wheel with Nappa leather has a thickness fantastic. It is multifunction, although some buttons such as the audio system are located in a control satellite that is behind the steering wheel. As was the case with the Megane earlier, Renault undertakes unreasonably in putting the button that activates the cruise control and the speed limiter in the transmission tunnel instead of putting it on the steering wheel, a locationn illogical, and especially uncomfortable.

The address just transmitted what is happening under the wheels but has a level of assistance very successful which makes maneuvering very easy. Even more so if we have the parking assistant Renault, that works for both parallel parking, on-battery, or diagonal. In addition, the sensors front, rear and side achieve a detection of 360°

The compact French have a system called Multi-Sense and puts at our disposal five driving modes (Eco, Sport, Normal, Comfort, or Custom) that affect the direction, the response of the engine, the air conditioning and even the sound of the engine. In versions with automatic transmission also affects the transmission. We can also adjust each of the parameters separately.

of course Renault has not left aside the security, and the new Megane has achieved five stars in the test EuroNCAP. Among the equipment available is the system of emergency braking assisted, the detector dead angle, the alert involuntary change lanes, the speed regulator adaptive, recognition of traffic signs, signals, and automatic switching of dipped headlights and road, among others.

One of the strong points of the Megane dCi is the efficiency. The fuel consumption is always very low. It is easy to get off of 5 l/100 km, and even if we avoid the urban roads and we work hard, we can run around the barrier of the 4 l/100 km Great! For encouraging us to do so, the multimedia system has the function of eco-driving Driving ECO2 that allows to evaluate in real-time efficiency of the driving.

The new generation of the Renault Megane exceeds in all of the above and is placed as one of the compact most interesting of the moment. The price range starts in the 16.600 euros although a Megane dCi 110 HP and finish > Line as it costs 21.750 € (including discounts). It is not among the cheapest in its category, the truth, but this version is a good choice to be very versatile and show a very complete equipment. She convinces us especially for travel because of its good ride comfort, low consumption and good trunk.

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