Test Renault Mégane 1.6 dCi 130 Bose, balanced and technological

Test Renault Mégane 1.6 dCi 130 Bose, balanced and technological
4 years ago

Test Renault Mégane 1.6 dCi 130 Bose, balanced and technological

In 1995, Renault launched the first generation of its successful compact, the Renault Mégane. With the difficult role of relieve all a myth, the Renault 19, the Mégane I needed to give fresh air to the brand, rejuvenecerla, make the society that something began to change in the automotive sector and in the brand of diamond. It was the first time of the “boom” of the diesel and one of the first models of the segment in the receive boost in their blocks of diesel fuel.

Now, more than two decades later and counting already with your fourth generation, we can say that hasn’t even done anything wrong to the compact French, having been a benchmark usual in terms of sales to the european level is concerned. In addition, it should be noted that is produced in our country, in the factory of Palencia. This week we tested a unit associated with the diesel engine 1.6 dCi with 130 HP and manual change of six relations along with the level of finish Bose, one of the most equipped.

The Renault Mégane belongs to the C-segment, the compact. Along with the B-segment, the compact is probably the most hard-fought. Few brands will allow you the luxury of not market any model of these characteristics already, which is probably the most balanced of all and, therefore, the more sold. Opel Astra, Seat Leon, Ford Focus or Kia cee’d are just four of his rivals, not to mention also the Volkswagen Golf. Your goal is probably to stay on the podium, of the best selling compact.

Technology to view

If something characterizes this fourth generation of the Renault Mégane is your technology and connectivity possibilities, something very fashionable in these times. Despite the fact that the bulk technology is actually located in the passenger compartment, since from outside you want to get noticed with a design breaker you can like it or not, but that will not leave anyone indifferent.

perhaps it will be more striking by night than by day, when your feature lighting to make act of presence. If you have seen a Renault Mégane for the night you will know of what I speak. What is certain is that his signature bright is easily recognizable from several tens of meters away in the dark, especially for its behind. But let’s go in order, let’s start with the front design of this Renault Mégane so little has to do with its predecessor.

Renault has chosen to boast about the brand in their latest designs, and there is no better proof of this than to preside over the front with a diamond chrome plating of large dimensions. To the ends we find the lighthouses, on this occasion with lighting Full LED, so much personality given to the compact thanks to its “appendix” bottom that makes the times of day lighting. In the bottom center we see the second grill, more small, and on the bottom corners of the lights blink and the circular foglamps.

Change of perspective and look at the side of our protagonist. The corners of this compact are very rounded, which allows us to continue to see a good part of the headlights. We also realize your extended cantilever front and the smoothness of its silhouette to the almost sudden collapse of the roof in the rear, in addition to how well you feel this color “Blue Berlin” and the 17-inch wheels finish duotones, shod with tires in as 205/50 R17.

back body is so eye-catching as the front. Our eyes mainly focus on their drivers lights; and it is that are almost hypnotic in the dark because they cover nearly the entire width of the gate. Its design is very fine and elongated, being separated from each other by the gusset of the brand, and just a few inches of sheet metal. The bumper, large surface area, and forms very marked above the recess for the enrolment; while in the lower zone has been finished in black. We also call attention to the big hips of your body, as well as the small moon later.

Habitability and trunk

The Renault Mégane has changed their dimensions foreign in this new generation from its predecessor. Now it measures 4.36 m in length (6 cm more), 1,81 meters wide (0,6 cm) and 1.45 meters high (2.4 cm lower). The battle is 2.67 meters, that is to say, 5,5 cm longer than before. Despite its greater length and distance between axles, the Renault Mégane continues to be one of the compact more spacious.

As is usual in cars of this size, there are no issues of space in the squares front, neither in width nor in height. The rear seats allow travel comfortably four adults, but it is true that in other models, such as the Opel Astra, enjoy more space for legs. In height will not be the most advantages present, but people from 1.80 meters not will rub on the roof. A fifth occupant will dissuade a lot of comfort on a long journey by width, but the centre tunnel is not very pronounced; transmission tunnel which, by the way, includes double air outlet and an outlet.

trunk of this French model cubes 384 litres, expandable to 1.247 if you folded down the back seats, which puts it in the middle of the segment. The forms are quite straight, so that makes it very useful when loading luggage. The seats are “lie down” towards the front in two halves asymmetric, and, despite the fact that include an armrest on the central square, do not have the typical hatch for the transport of skis. In any case, if you need a larger cargo space we can take a look at the Renault Megane Sport Tourer, the bodywork version family.

More quality than ever

This fourth generation of the Mégane has been significantly improved in perceived quality. The touch in the areas and controls most common is significantly more pleasant that in the model when that happens. The high areas and half-height, both of the dashboard as the panelling of the doors, are padded and are of good quality. The steering wheel and its controls, as well as the touch of the change and the different coatings also have caused us a good feeling.

The two main claims of this Renault Mégane finish Bose are his box of instruments and digital and central screen of the dashboard, placed in a vertical position. The dashboard will be able to configure to our liking and you can vary the way you present your information depending on the driving mode selected, but at all times presents the information clearly.

For its part, the touch screen of the dashboard, 8.7 inches, responds very well to our directions, and easy to handle, allowing us to to visualize in a simple way all the information; although we will need several minutes to get used to the handling of all the menu’s and possibilities. A nice positive is that it has not been integrated into the control of the air conditioning, which is in a lower position. Also it is appreciated the fact of not having used the piano-black finish in its surroundings, since it gets dirty very easily.

Depending on our preferences we can set the ambient lighting in function of our tastes or the driving mode selected, changing between several colors and intensities of the same. What has not changed at Renault is the location for the buttons of the regulator and limiter of speed, which continue in the centre tunnel, next to the hand brake electric and two bottle holders. Nor is it the comfortable position of controls of the windows, which are somewhat delayed with respect to our hand, forcing us to make a move unnatural. A simple story to which we will end up getting used to it.

In terms of seats, personally it seemed to me that the design is very well chosen. They are very functional because they are very comfortable and hold the body in the curves. Its regulation is mechanical, except that of the lumbar support for the driver. It also has, in our unit, with the function massage, which is handled through the touch screen and using a button in the same seat, a system that better only use expressways.

1.6 dCi 130 CV

Renault has not been able to say no to the usual downsizing that both use the majority of manufacturers with the goal of reducing pollutant emissions. Our unity of tests use the diesel engine turbo of 1,600 cc, which premiered a few years ago with the third generation of the minivan, Renault Scénic, associated to a manual change of six relations. Makes 130 HP at 4,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 320 Nm from 1,750 rpm.

Their skills are not sports, but to change accord smoothness of motion, a low sound level and good consumption of fuel. According to the data of approval, the Renault Mégane with this mechanic you can do the 0 to 100 km/h in 10 seconds and has a top speed of 198 km/h, while the average consumption shall be 4 litres per 100. The fuel tank is 47 liters; would not have been bad a volume somewhat greater.

range mechanics gas is composed of versions 1.2 TCe 100 1.2 TCe 130 available with manual gearbox or automatic EDC, and the 1.6 TCe 205 that one can only associate with the automatic EDC. In the ( diesel we have, under the unit tested, the dCi 90 and dCi 110, the latter with manual shift mode and EDC. Above dCi 130 we’ll have only the new dCi 165 change EDC exclusive to the finishing GT

Engine little sporty, but smooth and efficient

the time Comes, with the key in the pocket, tighten the clutch pedal and press the starter button. The 1.6-litre dCi wakes up after several hours sleeping. The idle will be slightly elevated in the first moments, but will not reach the passenger compartment, a high level of sound nor vibrations. In fact, to be a diesel is pretty well isolated, similar to the silence of a vehicle premium. After a few minutes almost, it will cost us to distinguish if it is started or stopped.

once we started the, this propellant is not highlighted by a push-very powerful. Your goal is another, to be gentle and to accompany the rest of the vehicle in the search of comfort. But also not kid ourselves, they are 130 HP, a power more than decent to move with ease the nearly 1,400 kg of this compact and that pushes forcefully from 1,600 rpm approximately, when it already begins to notice the torque delivery. It wears well with the change manual six gears, with a few insertions also soft although long distance.

One of the themes that you have in mind today when buying a vehicle is the fuel consumption. As we cited above, the mark approvals for this version, a combined fuel consumption of 4 l/100 km Arrive at that number is very complicated, but we’re also not very far away. In normal conditions this dCi 130 you’ll need between 4.7 and 5,5 litres of diesel per 100 kilometers.

A compact, very balanced

During these days, the Renault Mégane has shown us that a car is very balanced. Not highlighted especially in any area or type of route, but behaves remarkable in all of them. In addition to their consumption they are content and if we increase the pace, do not fire instantly.

The configuration looks like a “tad” more soft than most of the competition, although the difference is minimal and it may be that this helps the fact that the Mégane tested has not used huge tires with tires of low profile. Yes we would have liked the touch the address becomes something less artificial, although currently in fashion is that great assistance and low transmission of information due to the medical power.

chassis configuration to which we referred has the advantages to provide greater comfort tread. What we will notice in urban tours by passing on the typical speed humps and bumps, where our backs will suffer a bit less than usual, and the profile 50 tyres will help us in the surfaces or broken cobblestone.

roads secondary, or mountain passes, despite having a few suspensions to something more soft, there will be no inertia and inclinations of the body unless the rate is very high, almost extreme. If we are “cheerful” not enjoy by your power, but the cycle of the Mégane not achantará in no time showing safe and following the direction that you indicate. Here the seats, for their lateral support, will be a good ally.

In highway it has also been shown very comfortable, being a car easy to drive and that not to lose aplomb if you carry something in a hurry on these fast roads. The padding of the seats, the suspension and the tyres of width profile filtered very well the bumps and joints of asphalt. This will be the circumstance ideal to enjoy with safety function massage while we devour miles and listen to our favorite music, Bose stereo system, with nine speakers and a subwoofer in the trunk.


Comes the last part of our proof and tap draw conclusions of the new Renault Mégane. We recall that we tested a unit with the finish Bose, one of the most high, associated with the engine 1.6 dCi 130 HP. The Renault Mégane Bose part of the 21.648 euro according to the configurator of the brand, which will be 22.352 euros if you are caught up in the mechanics tested. In total, our drive is going to the 25.810 euros to include the parking aid, Head-Up Display, lighting Full LED with beam lights automatic, the Pack Safety and the Blue color Berlin.

I have to admit that the new Mégane I was surprised to. The set of mechanics and chassis on this version is not offering a sporty performance, although there is the option of the Renault Mégane GT that is more dynamic, with the unit tested more oriented to the comfort. Despite this, their behavior at all times is noble, agile and confident.

If you are considering the purchase of a compact you should take this into account, and more especially if you like to technologies. Of all its rivals is the most comprehensive in the section of technology with which to fiddle. It will not be the one who offers a passenger compartment or trunk of the broader segment, but there is always the option of opting for the body family that offers more space for the rear seats and, of course, for the trunk.



  • repair Kit for punctures
  • power Mirrors
  • driver’s Seat adjustable in height
  • audio system with 4 speakers, USB socket and Bluetooth
  • Regulator and speed limiter
  • Indicator of gear change
  • Help the start slope


  • leather steering Wheel
  • Climate control bizona
  • hands-free Card
  • Regulation of lumbar support in the driver’s seat
  • Windows rear electric
  • Radio with 7″touch screen
  • front fog lamps
  • Headlights daytime LED
  • rear parking Sensors
  • Helps emergency braking


  • instrument cluster with TFT display 7″
  • exterior Mirrors-folding, electrically
  • navigation System R-Link
  • turning lights and automatic wipers
  • electric parking Brake
  • Renault Multi-Sense
  • Alert of involuntary change of lane
  • Recognition of traffic signs


  • leather steering Wheel specific
  • Crystals later obscured
  • inside Rearview electrocromado
  • Armrest rear with hollow drink holders
  • passenger Seat with height adjustment


  • steering Wheel in Nappa leather
  • driver’s Seat with function massage
  • multimedia System with vertical display of 8.7-inch and Bose stereo system
  • parking Assistance front and rear with rear view camera


  • leather steering Wheel specific
  • gear Changes on the steering wheel by means of cams
  • sport Chassis and
  • 4-wheel steering


Engine Change Finish Price
Engine Change Finish Price
TCe 100 CV Manual 6V Life 16.554 €
dCi 90 CV Manual 6V Life 17.864 €
TCe 100 CV Manual 6V Intens 17.846 €
dCi 90 CV Manual 6V Intens 19.160 €
dCi 110 CV Manual 6V Intens 20.310 €
Tec 130 HP Manual 6V Intens 18.374 €
Tec 130 HP Manual 6V Zen 19.694 €
Tec 130 HP Automatic 6V Zen 21.014 €
dCi 110 CV Manual 6V Zen 21.630 €
dCi 110 CV Automatic 6V Zen 22.950 €
dCi 130 CV Manual 6V Zen 22.774 €
Tec 130 HP Manual 6V GT-Line 20.750 €
Tec 130 HP Automatic 6V GT-Line 22.070 €
dCi 110 CV Manual 6V GT-Line 22.686 €
dCi 110 CV Automatic 6V GT-Line 24.006 €
dCi 130 CV Manual 6V GT-Line 23.830 €
Tec 130 HP Automatic 6V Bose 22.070 €
dCi 110 CV Manual 6V Bose 22.686 €
dCi 130 CV Manual 6V Bose 23.830 €
dCi 110 CV Automatic 6V Bose 24.006 €
Tec 205 HP Auto-7V – GT 26.046 €

the Opinion of the editor


  • Balanced and comfortable
  • a Lot of technology and design
  • Ease of driving


  • Mechanical little dynamics
  • Habitability can be improved
  • Some controls should improve your location.

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