Test Opel Mokka 1.6 CDTI 4×4. Exterior, interior, and amenities
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Test Opel Mokka 1.6 CDTI 4×4. Exterior, interior, and amenities

it Was launched to the market in 2012 and was the first todocamino of the segment B of a German manufacturer. In their time of “German” was half-baked, because it was manufactured in South Korea, alongside the Chevrolet Trax. Currently, the Trax is sold out in our country and the Opel Mokka are manufactured in Figueruelas (Zaragoza). It has, therefore, something of a Spanish accent.

By size is a happy medium between SUV-B and SUV-C, measured 4,28 meters long. Its front overhang is very pronounced, there are 943 mm between the front axle and the nose, which limits very much your angle of attack. The Chevrolet Trax will the same thing happens. it Is very easy to scratch with the bottom plastic of the bumper, but it is placed with ease if it comes out of their guides.

Another weak point is the exhaust pipe, while the rear overhang only measures 780 mm As todocamino has very little free height, 168 mm, and the suspension has little travel, so it’s more intended to go by road. Yes, with awd can out of sites where a crossover front-wheel-drive I could not even enter. In this topic I will discuss later.

The version reviewed has the equipment Excellence, which includes tires 18? brand Continental. If you practice a driving minimally aggressive or gets a lot of tracks, the wheels last for rather little. In the photographs, bear in mind that the unit tests has some 12,000 kilometres. The front wear out very quickly, drawbacks of the car heavy, if well walk between 1.2 and 1.4 tons, no outrage.

There are two other variants of equipment, the Selective, more simple and with wheels of 17?, and the Colour Edition, that includes several details of the bodywork in the color black and give a touch more badass. Is more, if we choose the black color for body and the level Color Edition, it looks like a car from mafia, but in small. can Optionally have wheels of 19?.

In the pictures, comes all of the series except the adaptive headlights AFL Plus (xenon), sun roof, practicable, front-facing camera (Opel Eye) and the parking sensors front and rear. has not Yet received restyling, and it seems that not very long for an update.

The Opel Mokka inside

In this sense, the Opel Mokka and the Chevrolet Trax have many differences, a layman would understand that are cars are completely different. The same thing happens on the outside, where the parts are not compatible between models. The unit tests in particular has a tone more cheerful than the typical and bland black/grey.

The visual impression is that of being in an Opel of the previous generation. Note in the excessive number of buttons, the instrument panel with monochrome display red, the feel of the various knobs, etc, The Trax had a multimedia system more modern look, in this case is a Intellilink 850. Pity that it has become obsolete quickly, and the manufacturer does not think addressing the development of this more.

There are holes to allow almost any object

Have the gaps of the doors, some space in front of the change (12V and USB), double cupholder, a recess with a lid between the seats, glove box, top and bottom, drawer under the front passenger seat, revisteros and other double coasters by folding the center seat back. In addition, it has a slot for glasses on the left door, which is conveniently padded.

The front seats are great, pity they are optional

Are certified by the medical association AGR of Germany, very focused on the comfort of the back. Those who choose a car like this by issues of posture, these seats the really appreciate it. Go with a package of 2,000 euros, which includes Intellilink, headlights AFL Plus, armrest front, heated seats and steering wheel. In the cold days of winter it is a joy to.

The rear seats can accommodate three adults, although iran would be more comfortable a couple of them. While the drivers is not very high, there will be site more than enough. The central square has the problem that the headrest is very fair for someone that exceeds the 1.7 meters of height. In the lateral squares, from 1.8 meters it starts to go boxy.

In general it is a comfortable car, I seemed better isolated from the road than the Corsa, there are potholes that seem to fly like a magic carpet. With the diesel engine tested, the cabin is considerably quieter, it is not difficult for the region to fall asleep. Another advantage compared to the Trax is the climate control bizona, which comes standard in the Excellence and the Color Edition.

finally, tap to talk about the trunk. Has 356 litres of capacity, the same as the Trax, and 785 liters if the rear seats are folded and do not exceed the height of the seatbacks. With the seats folded, the load surface is not completely flat, but almost. Under the floor (721 mm from the floor) there is a second fund.

The testing unit has the system FlexFix, a bicycle rack integrated. Series can be loaded with a, and with an accessory, you can carry three. You can open the tailgate with and without the bicycle. The Flex system Fix includes all of the lights duplicate and another registration in order to comply with the legal requirements.

does Not include spare wheel, but kit puncture

To the long trunk we have a hole in the left side for small objects, and another to the right with some tools. The hooks for bags are quite useful, and also features with lower anchors for a network of slides. In the tab technique did not observe differences in ability between the front-wheel drive and the 4×4, since they use the same schema of the suspension.


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