Test Nissan Micra 2017, a new dimension

Test Nissan Micra 2017, a new dimension
5 years ago

Test Nissan Micra 2017, a new dimension

The most important of Nissan in 2017. As well have been defined from the japanese manufacturer the event for the press where I have been able to meet the fifth generation of its popular subcompact. The new Nissan Micra is reinterpreted willing to be one of the references of the segment B.

For this purpose, the Micra shows the greatest evolutionary leap in his three decades of life that have sold more than 3.5 million units in Europe. The change of this generation with internal code K14 is so pronounced that it does not share anything with its predecessor, so that with more justice that we can never say that it is a completely new model.

Already in his debut at the Paris Salon 2016 attracted attention for its cool design and youthful, inspired by the Nissan Sway Concept. The japanese is lower, wider and longer than its predecessors, reaching a length of 4.00 m, which represents nothing less than 17 cm more than the previous model.

headlights Full Led are a choice of finishes N-Connecta
and Tekna (350 euros)

To match with the tastes of the clientele in the Old Continent, this new Micra has been designed and manufactured in Europe. In particular occurs in the factory that Renault has in Flins (France), where he also manufactures the Clio, as a result of the successful Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Colorful on the outside and inside

The clean lines dynamics are a success, making the Micra in one of the utilities most seductive of the time as we were able to check in your presentation in Dubrovnik (Croatia). In your image stands out the grille V-motion, the lights in the shape of a boomerang, the handles concealed in the rear doors and C-pillar sculpted to create the impression of a floating roof. The steeply raked windshield and the back spoiler integrated evidencing the great aerodynamic work that has been carried out, resulting in a Cx 0.29, the best in the category.

One of the great strengths of the japanese manufacturer is endless customization options. With 10 body colors, contrast colors in mirrors, moldings, trims and wheels, several types of vinyl, five upholstery and three tones for the dashboard of the Micra promises up to 125 possible combinations to create a unity with our own style.

The exterior can be customized with housings for the rear-view mirrors, trim on the bumpers, side moldings,
inserts on the rims and vinyls with different motives

Inside, the leap in quality is undeniable. The front of the dashboard has a trim color that can be leather. The upper is made of soft material while the hard plastic reserves in the lower zones, which are less to the view. The model of Nissan have a very practical approach, and there are multiple holes scattered around the cabin to empty the pockets. The glove box has a large capacity (10 liters) although his cap plummets when you open it, a detail that could have more care.

In the new Micra the technology deployment is remarkable. Depending on the version you can equip elements of upper segments such as the system of cameras in 360-degree with top-down view, a function of recognition of traffic signs, the wizard of lights on the road long/short, the system of control of dead angle, the alert of involuntary change of lane or a system anti-collision intelligent recognition of pedestrians.

The availability of these elements depends on the finish. The Nissan Micra 2017 five trim levels: Visia, Visia+, Acenta, N-Connecta and Tekna. The finish Visia is autodescarta like a reasonable option to purchase to the lack of elements such as the air conditioning or the radio. If the budget allows it is worth to bet for the finished N-Connecta and Tekna.

The dashboard can go in three colors: Power Blue, Energy Orange, and Inspiring Network

Being a model that boasts of equipment, inexplicably can’t carry window regulators rear electric in any version, not even on an optional basis, by resorting to the classic hand crank manual. In the front doors there is electric windows but only the driver allows operation with a single touch.

Among the abundant standard equipment highlights new Bose sound system, Personal, designed by the company’s specialist in audio in collaboration with Nissan. Your bet is to focus on the driver since the system has six speakers, two of which are integrated in the headrest of the driver to get a experience surround sound and immersive. As I noted, the sound quality is superb and can be focused to the driver or to the entire interior of a custom shape by using the slider Bose PersonalSpace Control integrated into the multimedia system.

The headrest of the driver integrates two speakers of the new Bose audio system Personnel

This infotainment system NissanConnect includes a central display in colour of 7 inches. Adds multiple functionalities although its resolution and interface remains unattractive. Among the possibilities that it offers it should be noted the voice control Siri using Apple CarPlay, in addition to allow to manage applications of our smartphone. At the moment, this system is not compatible with Android Auto.

What is your occupancy? The steering wheel is sitting very low and it is very easy to find a good driving posture. The front seats are very comfortable, with excellent padding and a contour that picks up very well the body of occupants of medium height or low. The highest can miss a high backrest.

The rear seats provide good space longitudinal. The head room allows you to find the accommodation to passengers of up to 1.75 m approximately, and the width is not invited to accept a third occupant in the rear bench. The backrest is hinged in a ratio of 60/40 to expand the cargo capacity up to 1.004 liters. With the five-seat operational, the trunk volume is 300 liters.

At the start of your marketing will be offered with a small engine three-cylinder petrol turbo 0.9 IG-T and a turbo 1.5 dCi, both with 90 HP of power and shared with the Renault Clio in virtue of the Alliance. A few weeks later the range will be expanded with a modest maximum torque of the engine of gasoline 1.0 with 73 HP. In all cases, the transmission is entrusted to a manual gearbox of 5 speeds, also of origin Renault. We will have to wait to 2018 for the incorporation of versions with automatic changeover.

For the first time, the camera system 360 ° arrives at the Micron

Engines, transmissions and some mechanical components from the Renault-Nissan Alliance, but the platform does not. The Alliance is still working on the development of your base modular for the B-segment, the platform CMF-B, so that the Micra 2017 is based on the platform V Nissan, which was already using the previous generation but that has been conveniently updated and improved.

In operation, the two mechanical 90-CV evidencing not be particularly refined, because both demonstrate a sound remarkable and transmit some vibration. However are satisfactory in-plane dynamic, allowing the utilitarian Nissan to move flawlessly in any situation.

The diesel version is the most attractive, showing more verve despite not having a great difference of performance with the option of gasoline. In addition, water consumption at this contact suggests that it is easy to get off of 5 l/100 km with the 1.5 dCi, while in our paths by the roads croats just ride your bike through urban territory. The 0.9 IG-T, for its part, agrees to play with the change of developments long if we want to squeeze out their potential and consumption is circled around the 6.5 l/100 km

The multifunction steering wheel lined in leather has a beautiful design although the diameter of the ring is a little big. The address conveys little information to the driver of what is happening under the wheels, a situation that remains something of confidence at the time of performing a driving happy for twisty roads. Too bad because it is very noble of reactions and mounts an Active Control of the Drawn, a system that prevents understeer when cornering.

sale from 13.500 euros

Adjacent to that system, the new Micra also incorporates the Active Control of the Road, a technology that limits movement in vertical and pitching of the vehicle on surfaces bumpadas. The result is a good ride comfort because the suspension is not dry at any time, although, yes leaves notice the imperfections on the asphalt with a mild, but constant oscillations. Both the Active Control line as the Active Control of the Road are technologies that until now were only available in the Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail.

In conclusion, the new Nissan Micra 2017 has been an evolutionary leap in all senses. It has gained in presence, quality, personality, technology and versatility, and now that can compete you to you with the most popular and best cars of its segment. From December, you can make orders for the new Nissan Micra, whose first units will arrive in dealerships Spanish in march.

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