Test Kia Pro_Ceed GT, fun and effective
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Test Kia Pro_Ceed GT, fun and effective

Kia surprised everyone when he presented for the first time, the Ceed GT. It was the radical version of the compact model in its second generation decided to launch a variant prestacional. After the small restyling suffered by the model, the koreans came back to trust in this sport version, returning the vitaminado Ceed with the same letter of presentation but more matured. We could not withstand the temptation of the new Kia Pro_Ceed GT, the most radical of the Kia and that we had been waiting a long time for to be able to ofrecéroslo in a test.

Perhaps it is not the most sensible, surely not, not what it is. On the contrary, of the times in which the Golf GTI was one of the best selling compact on the market, the young of today looking for a car practical, attractive, and you spend little. With these premises, the compact sports do not seem to have too much gap, though luckily the marks still rely on those few that put driving as your only concern when getting in a car. For all of them there is a great option in the market, the Kia Pro_Ceed GT, our guest and companion of a week that we pass to analyze in these lines that happen.

And with the presentations, I shuffled my hands on the keyboard and I speak to you more close. Had long been looking forward to riding in it. The reviews were good, the presentation of the best in the market, only needed to jump on, boot up, and discover for myself that people are not wrong. And thats what I did. In the seven days he was in my hands, I used it for everything you can use you your car. To do the shopping, go to work, go to school or take a simple walk. Although, of course, with 204-horsepower in the service of my right foot, should also do what we sometimes forget, and that gives a touch of spice to our world of four wheels, driving for the mere fact of enjoy.

exclusive Details GT

But, is it the Kia Pro_Ceed GT for all? Is it necessary to have more than 200 horsepower under the hood? These are the typical questions that most mortals do when they’re in front of a car of this nature. And the answers you’ll discover with the passage of the lines. To start, I say that by aesthetics, this sporty version of hooked. And is that despite being similar to any Pro_Ceed, some elements betray you and brighten your countenance as a good music can make a boring party. And it is not that the appearance of the compact being boring, but these wheels of 18 inches, the details in red, LED lighting, daylight-four points, and the output of the dual exhaust, are the icing on a sweet cake.

In general, the margin of the Kia Pro_Ceed GT monte bumper sport and side skirts in addition to the accessories mentioned, this version has the same body that his brothers of range. On the inside things follow this pattern, highlighting certain items of equipment unique to the GT. These are the steering wheel with the unmistakable signature GT, the dashboard with additional information and the Recaro seats leather and Alcantara, which, in my opinion, are the middle car. And is that the design is really nice and also manage to look as if you’re riding on a Formula 1.

Easy to handle

Since the rest is inherited from the range Ceed, and the space that we enjoy is the same as that in a Pro_Ceed, broad in the squares in front and something just in the rear, with a central square and fair access to just right, I will focus on what you have come to look, the sensations that it causes a drive of 204 horse power, the more radical of Kia to date. And I’ll tell you that, on paper, the Kia Pro_Ceed GT is the least powerful of its category, finding behind it a only the Hyundai i30 Turbo, with its 184 HP. The majority, to be called the Volkswagen Golf GTI as the Ford Focus ST and Peugeot 308 GTI, are more powerful than the Korean.

But that did not stop my cravings irrepressible want to try it, look for it tirelessly. And there he was, pressing the start button as a small child opens the gifts the three kings day. Small and subtle roar of time no surprise. Meshing gears it is firm and with a guided short. The address allows us to handle your body compact, of 4.31 meters, a simple, is not a bad ally to subdue the chaotic city. The only, and on the other hand great issue, is the lack of visibility that offers the moon back, small, with some large C-pillars that do not facilitate the task of controlling the traffic. It is clear that, to have that awesome behind necessarily would be charged some but.

The driving position is one of the virtues of this Kia Pro_Ceed GT. The driver’s seat puts you in a low position, sport, with a high waist line that envelops you in a cabin muscled. The access to the boutonniere is simple, or better said, the touch screen display available in the range of Kia Ceed and standard on this GT. Is best driver-oriented as that of the Kia Sorento, for example, and its handling is similar, simple and fast. The space, as I have summarized in the previous lines, it is good, only complaining of this interior the occupants of the ranks in the rear.

As a sports car, aires radical, the comfort is in that line so hard to maintain. Let’s face it, a sports car will not be as comfortable with that one familiar, but you can try it. The Kia Pro Ceed has a tare firmer than the rest of the family, the reactions of the springs are stiff, but not unbearable, are tolerated fairly well. The profile of the large wheels of 18 inches is small, a situation which does not participate in your back feel the minimum of potholes. But in summary, it is not a car uncomfortable.

Fun and effective

it is clear that, once the cars disappear and there is only road, we do not remember so hard that they can feel the speed bumps, and if the tied-up that goes to the asphalt. I have to say that what I liked most of the Kia Pro_Ceed GT is its chassis, of the best I have tried in this segment. Devouring every curve as if you were playing with him at Scalextric. Its nature as a front-wheel-drive doesn’t limit you, and even if you’re heavy with the right foot, does not tend too much to understeer. Only in very strong, the car cabeceará and look for the dirty part. Limited situations that are solved by keeping the steering wheel towards where we want to go.

on The contrary of what you could think in a first moment, its engine, the 1.6 T-GDi of 204 horse power has not been what has most surprised me of it. No, it has not been. And it is not because they don’t run, now you destripare this mechanical assembly, it is for the fineness and mastery with which the engineers have completed the skeleton of the Pro Ceed GT. You can really reach for fast linked to this sports version of the compact. It is noble, it is fun and sticks to the asphalt like a child does so with the leg of his mother on the first day of school.

all of this contributes to the address, and the rapid shaking that allows the shift lever. Although, I have to tell you that the feel of the direction I was hoping for more hard. Their behavior changes as a function of the speed, but even with those I would have liked to meet one direction more firm. In any case, it is direct and puts the car where you aim. In the same way I am happy with the sensations given by the gearbox, because it governs well this mechanic of more than 200 HP, and in your driving, gives you a sporty side that you like.

linear Motor and progressive

As I have announced, under the hood of the Kia Pro_Ceed GT is hiding the turbocharged four-cylinder engine and 1.6-liter T-GDi. This mechanical account with 204 horsepower and 265 Nm of torque, enough energy to declare an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 7,7 seconds. Governed by a gearbox six-speed, the maximum speed declared is around 230 km/h, figures that do not will fall down to the baba but that advertise a set well done.

first you say that there will be many who don’t like this engine. And why? Ask. Simply because it doesn’t leave you glued to the seat as it may seem, but if you look at the odometer you are going much faster than you should for your integrity and of your current account. This heart pumps powerfully, but does so so linear and progressive, is very full, it is able to stretch up past the 6.200 laps, at which point it stops giving you power. You can take it up, very up. And is that despite being a supercharged engine, from early starts to give you music and does not end until they be consumed.

Another of the sections that we look for in a car designed to make us smile is the sound. And it will land neither outstanding nor disappointing. Siéndote honest I like the trumpets in this band will soundn more strong, and that idling will be felt. Although when these with him playing, it brings out your genius and makes you smile.

Sincere in consumption

In relation to consumption I will tell you that, at least, is quite faithful to what the papers speak. Officially declared an urban consumption of around 9.7 l/100 km, and in practice the unit that I have had in my hands has always been around the 10 l. On the road Kia speaks of 6.1 l/100 km, and national road the on-board computer has reflected about 6.4 l/100 km rising to almost 7 l/100 km on the highway. And if we speak of combined use, the hyundai brand remains at 7.4 l/100 km and I will tell you I will be around 8 l/100 km figures, with 204 horse power waiting to take a run, I have found to be correct.

As conclusion I can tell you that Kia gets it right with this first foray in the segment of compact sports. The Pro_Ceed GT is a car easy to drive, with a behavior noticeable in the cornering and an engine that is not surprising “kick” but that, despite being turbocharged is shown to be linear and to be very full. You can use it daily, because the suspension does not force you to go every week to your physical therapist and thanks to its dimensions and your address is not difficult to deal with him. Subparagraphs (a review would have a bearing on the quality of the materials of the dashboard and the final price, as although there are campaigns to discount the initial price is not attractive. And is that for a little more money you get a Seat Leon Cupra with 290 HP.

The Kia Pro_Ceed also surprised by the extensive equipment, which provides serial. Among the many elements highlight the sports seats Recaro, the panoramic roof practicable or the browser. Further down you can leave the accessories featured with this version from the start.

Finished Kia Pro_Ceed GT


  • Browser 2.0 with camera assistance for parking
  • Pedal alloy
  • electric parking Brake
  • Optics with LED technology
  • panorama sunroof
  • xenon Headlamps
  • cruise Control and speed limiter
  • rear parking Sensors
  • rain Sensor and lights
  • sports Seats Recaro

Prices Kia Pro_Ceed GT

Engine Change Finish Price
Engine Change Finish Price
1.6 T-GDi 204 HP Manual 6v GT 29.500€

* The brand has available a campaign of discounts for the sports version of the Pro_Ceed with which the final price is set at 23.701 euros.

the Opinion of the editor


  • Behavior
  • Design
  • standard Equipment


  • Price
  • Quality
  • Space in rear seats

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