Test Hyundai i10 2017, a purchase very rational
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Test Hyundai i10 2017, a purchase very rational

The segment of utilities remains one of the most important for the majority of brands today that sell in our market. With a share close to 5%, customers who are looking for a car of the segment are becoming more and more demanding, which has led to manufacturers to provide of a more attractive design and, above all, of higher technology and equipment for their products. The Hyundai i10 is the bet of the signature south Korean for this segment A.

The Hyundai i10 appeared for the first time in the year 2008, being the successor of the Hyundai Atos. The second generation of the i10 came to the market in 2013, and now has just released an update that modifies a brief description of your aesthetic and improving your equipment, especially in the section of technology. The aim of Hyundai is that its utility exceeds the barrier of the 3,000 units per year in Spain, with a product very much to the tastes of the “old continent”.

Changes foreign brief, but rejuvenating

the image of The Hyundai i10 that was sold until a few weeks ago, that is to say, prior to this face wash, it seems to be that it worked pretty well, and that, without highlighting, liked among european consumers. For this reason, Hyundai has preferred to simply make up briefly to make your image a much more youthful and already of step to create an aesthetic a little more sympathetic.

The urbanite south Korean, by the way, has been developed in Europe for the tastes of europeans, shows a front cooler after the incorporation of a new grille so-called “cascade” that will be a sign of identity for the upcoming releases of the brand, lighting, LED daytime with rounded shapes and the relocation of the intermittent side-to-side are now hosted on the mirrors.

Meanwhile, the side remains virtually unchanged, except for a few new wheels measures 14-inch and 15-inch. Turning again, of perspective and looking at the Hyundai i10 from behind, appears a redesigned bumper that includes an area which is finished in black in the vicinity of the registration, in the lower part. subsequent amendments have also been modified, while the lights of fog are now rounded, to resemble a little more with the front.

amazing Interior for this segment

external dimensions are 3,67 meters long, 1,66 meters wide and 1.5 meters high. For its part, the battle is 2,39 meters. For a car of similar exterior dimensions, we might expect a cabin too small, narrow and uncomfortable. However, surprising how broad is your passenger compartment, always bearing in mind that it is a segment A.

The two-seater front is quite acceptable. Neither the driver nor the passenger will have problems of space or they will be “overwhelmed” and that is another positive point of the Hyundai i10 is large glass area, which allows a great visibility in addition to cause a feeling of greater comfort. One of the disadvantages is that the steering wheel itself offers height adjustment but not in depth. It is also not adjustable to the height of the safety belt, except in the finished Style, the higher.

Not all vehicles of this segment, focused on the urban life, are approved for five people as it is the Hyundai i10. Worth it will not be very comfortable to move five people into this car, but what is certain is that four do with a great comfort. The small model of the signature south Korean is a product quite rational and Hyundai has endowed him with a squares later that they would like to have other cars in the segment B, both in height as in length for the legs.

In terms of the trunk, there are no changes with respect to the pre-restyling. Cubes 252 litres, that will be more than sufficient for regular purchases in the super and also for a getaway with your partner. Yes, it is a segment, the luggage of four people for a week of vacation will be quite difficult to locate in the trunk. To fold the second row of seats, the volume increases until you reach the 1,050 litres.

A technological improvement noticeable

Is in the cockpit where we see a clear improvement after this start to the day. The general aspect of the interior has not changed too much, but what is certain is that the possibility of install (optionally) a infotainment system with 7-inch screen, browser, syncs with smartphones using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, in addition to traffic alerts or weather in real time via TomTom Services Lives, it can be a detail that will persuade many customers, especially younger.

on the other hand, it is true that the materials on practically all surfaces of the cabin are plastic fairly hard. It is a segment and the manufacturer to save on materials, but I have a feel right, and all seem to fit perfectly, without getting noise when we push at one point or another of the central area of the dashboard. In this sense, we have taken a very good taste in the mouth. In terms of customization, the interior can be configured with four different colors; such as orange, beige, blue, and red, all of them in combination with the black.

This Hyundai i10 2017 also improvement in the security section, although the downside is that depends very much on the level of finish. 6 airbags, stability control and tire pressure monitoring will be standard on all i10. To enjoy the assistance at start on slope, the lateral illumination the front in tight turns, the collision warning front or the alert by involuntary change of lane we have to go to the “top of range”.

2 engines and 2 transmission types

The range mechanics is very plain. The Hyundai i10 keeps the two engines offered until now, without adding any more. The least powerful is the three-cylinder 1.0 that delivers 66 HP and 95 Nm; while the higher power is the well-known 1.2 87 HP and 121 Nm of torque.

Personally I don’t think they need more engines, nor an alternative to diesel. Its performance is not very high, but we must keep in mind that a car is quiet thought to cores urban and rarely used to travel with the trunk loaded up.

Of series, the change is manual five gears, both for the 1.0 to the 1.2. But for those who prefer a automatic transmission, Hyundai offers a torque converter with four-speed simulated, that can only be associated to the variant of more power. If you drive regularly in a city, congested by traffic, this may be an interesting option, although we can not speak of its operation because we have not been able to test it.

behind The wheel

During the presentation to the press we have been able to “lay a glove” on the Hyundai i10 at version 87 HP with manual switching. The tour offered by the brand had a few trips very urban, dividing approximately 50% wandering the streets in the centre of Madrid and the circulation by the famous M-30. An environment very favorable to check the skills of this urbanite, though the dense traffic during the tour we have not been favored too.

to 1,200 cc maximum torque and 87 HP. As mentioned before, can seem mechanical too short, sparse. The power is the is and will not leave you glued to the seat in no time. Do not expect a recovery bright, or a touch sporty. But for the focus and the routine use of this car will be a suitable power. We have not tested the 1.0 to 66 HP, but I think that it just might be too fair.

The set and the lightness of the car allows a good flexibility in low gears, and can be to move with fluidity between the traffic and be able to start from standstill in a fairly live without being spectacular. This is what every city needs in terms of dynamics, so that the Hyundai i10, at least with the engine 1.2, meets pleasantly.

When we left the village and we entered pathways a little faster, long developments of the transmission require us to reduce some gait in walking up hills and also in overtaking motor revving, situations in which the noise of the propeller will be felt quite in the cab. The feel of the change is not looking for sportiness, but its use will not be unpleasant. In addition, the softness of your soft clutch, as the brake pedal, we make it very easy to sor driving and dosing.

direction is very soft, has little weight. This is a detail that in other cars, more focused on the expressways or that are looking for good sportsmanship would be very questionable, but since it is a city without pretense sports is a positive point, because that will allow us to maneuver in parking lots or turning between streets effortlessly thanks to its small turning radius. For its part, the suspension, without getting to be “rebotona”, has given us the feeling of being somewhat rigid to pass by some other functionality. We will check it more thoroughly when to enjoy them for several days of a test drive.


This contact has helped us to verify that the Hyundai i10 is, in truth, one of the more interesting options for anyone looking for an urban vehicle, and rational. Not highlighted by their appearance, nor by their dynamic capabilities, but in livability, comfort and agility. Like the other models of the brand, has a 5 year warranty without mileage limit; a point to bear in mind.

Equipment Hyundai i10


  • steel Wheels in 14 inch
  • spare Wheel
  • Bumpers in body color
  • Crystals slightly obscured
  • Outlet lighter type dc
  • Connections for USB and Aux
  • on-board Computer
  • – Window front
  • central Locking remote with alarm
  • 6 airbags


  • exterior Mirrors in body color
  • daytime running Lights and antinieblas LED
  • steering Wheel and gear knob clad in leather
  • steering wheel Controls
  • Bluetooth
  • electric Windows on 4 doors
  • Regulator and speed limiter

Pack Techno Plus

  • alloy Rim 14 inches
  • built-in Browser with 7-inch touch screen and TomTom Services Lives
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • automatic Climate control


  • alloy Rim in 15 inch
  • solar Roof with opening
  • Handles interior chrome
  • 4 Speakers
  • Opening and hands-free start –
  • Belts front height-adjustable
  • parking Sensor rear
  • collision Warning front
  • Notice of involuntary departure of lane


The Hyundai i10 2017 account with a discount market by value 1,900 euros. In addition, funding the discount increases to eur 1 000 or more. Finally, delivering a car from Hyundai dealer we will benefit from an additional 600 euros more. This way we could get to save € 3,500 RRP of the car. The following prices are without any discount and with the VAT and shipping included.

Engine Change Finish Price
Engine Change Finish Price
66 CV Manual 5v Klass 12.315 €
66 CV Manual 5v Techno 13.115 €
66 CV Manual 5v Techno Plus 13.865 €
1.2 87 CV Manual 5v Techno 13.615 €
1.2 87 CV Manual 5v Techno Plus 14.365 €
1.2 87 CV Auto-4v Techno 14.865 €
1.2 87 CV Auto-4v Techno Plus 15.615 €
1.2 87 CV Manual 5v Style 16.170 €
1.2 87 CV Auto-4v Style 17.420 €

Gallery of images of the Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10

From 10.700 euros
Now from 9.910 euro


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