Test-Ford Tourneo Courier 1.5 TDCi 95 CV, practical solutions to the day-to-day
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Test-Ford Tourneo Courier 1.5 TDCi 95 CV, practical solutions to the day-to-day

This week we get behind the wheel of a vehicle type that people do not usually take into account a particular level, but it could become a very useful for the day-to-day. In a world increasingly overrun by SUVS, this segment seems to be relegated to professional use. We talk about the Ford Tourneo Courier 1.5 TDCI 95 CV is the van small mark in the oval that will seek to position itself as a real alternative to mpvs.

it comes with capacity for five passengers, an interior space and outstanding quality and the equipment expected of a tourist. In the end, do not forget that the models of the range Tourneo are severed in the industrial sector. Taking as a basis the platform of the Ford Fiesta and therefore you will have a compact dimensions, but don’t be fooled, this model has many capabilities, .


Tourneo vs Transit

The Ford Transit Courier is also offered as a panel van

To begin with we will remind as it divides the range of vans in Ford. On the one hand we will have a series of vehicles that are destined for the transport of passengers and which receive the name of Tourneo and will have a equipment that you locate the comfort. For those interested in a vehicle trade they will have to throw away the models Transit, more focused on the professional use and with less standard equipment.

In this way we will have the Ford Tourneo/Transit Courier, that will be the van small, the Ford Tourneo/Transit Connect, as van median and the Ford Tourneo/Transit Custom, which is the large van of the range. Above and only in the sector of trade will be the Transit ‘to dry’ that is still larger than the Transit Custom. As a curiosity for professional use will also be the small Ford Fiesta Van.

modern Image

When look at the front Ford Tourneo Courier, we almost don’t dare to say that we are in a van. Their air could remember more to a tourism than anything else and in order to reinforce it we find some references to the Ford Fiesta and Focus. The perfect example is his front grille, which is flanked by headlights that remind us of the utility of the mark of the oval. On the sides of the lower part are housed the antinieblas integrated in a black plastic.

The thing changes when we started up, because we are a hood of reduced dimensions and with a windshield so big that it reaches up to the ceiling. In general, the Tourneo Courier takes a cube to increase its habitability interior, as we will see later. Continuing with the paragraph aesthetic, on the side we have to highlight the wheels, 16-inch or the roof bars that equips our unit.

will Highlight the rear door sliding that will be an added value in this vehicle. At the height of the hands of both doors we found a vein that crosses from the front to the back horizontally. Behind is the area more square and less dynamic in the set. As in most vans ends with a gate fully vertical that will facilitate its use. In him we find a moon large enough, the drivers rear on both sides and the inscription with the name of the vehicle.

, even Though their appearance looks great, really the Ford Tourneo Courier dimensions are quite compact. Long is only 4,16 metres, wide measured 1,98 meters (without mirrors) and high stays at 1.77 meters including the rails of the roof. As we already know it shares a platform with the Ford Fiesta and B-MAX, although it is almost 20 inches longer than the utilitarian and 8 inches longer than the mpv. The distance between the axes of the three is the same: 2,49 meters.

Interior is very practical and spacious

We talk about interior Ford Tourneo Courier, one of the areas that most will look at their potential customers. In the first place to say that our unit formed part of the finish Titanium (the highest of the range) and some optional equipment interesting. Thanks to this we have items that are more typical of a normal tourist that of a van and provided some things. As for the dashboard, we could say that it is practically the same as in the old Party.

This means that we will have a center console somewhat out of date, with a circular shape in the center of the dashboard. We found a large amount of buttons, including the numbers as if the phone keypad is treated. At least our unit formed part of the optional browser, which comes with a 5-inch screen, that is color, but it seems something small. Below are the controls for the air conditioning, better looking and quite intuitive.

The central console has an excess of buttons

Although this model does not have a technology very remarkable to say, our Tourneo Courier benefits from the Ford SYNC. This system will allow us to control some of the commands of the vehicle through the voice and without having to take your eyes off the road. We will also have connectivity by Bluetooth and will allow us to broadcast the music of our smartphone among other things. With the instrumentation and the steering wheel there are no new developments, though the latter stands out by integrating the buttons on the cruise control.

But what they are really interested in the cockpit of this model is how big is. We can say that we have been surprised so much space on a external dimensions so small. The squares in front are comfortable and fully suitable for claustrophobic. With my 1,75 tall I still had to stretch completely the arm to reach the ceiling. Above our heads it is a tray that occupies the entire width of the passenger compartment and that will be very useful to carry any type of object.

The rear seats have amplitude and a very comfortable

The rear seats do not remain very back. Highlights your easy access thanks to the sliding doors, which will be a great advantage in narrow areas. Once inside we have a space remarkable for our legs and even better free height to the ceiling. The third square of the second row of seats will be somewhat fair for an adult, but it will still be more extensive than in most vehicles in the segment B. One of the advantages is the absence of the tunnel of transmission.

Trunk usable

Without a doubt one of the highlights in the Tourneo Courier is the trunk. It is usually one of the weak points of the compact vehicles by their limitations, but in this case it will be the opposite. Reaches 395 litres to the bin (or 708 litres up to the roof) with the five-seat operating. Exceeds by both the 295-litre Fiesta and 304 litres of the B-MAX. In addition to your mouth of wide load and located at low height become a good ally of the travelers.

For those who need more space, the second row of seats you can fold in three positions (1/3, 2/3 and full) with a load capacity outstanding. What still is not enough? When folded down the seats can be folded toward the front, leaving a completely flat surface and a capacity record 1,656 preschools liters. The only downside is that once folded down, it still occupy a lot of space and would win even more if you stay hidden. Also miss that you could fold the seats of the airbag in order to put objects longer.

Another of the less advantageous is the tray trunk, which does not go up like in other vehicles when opening the tailgate and it will force you to do it by yourself. You will need a positive point, because we can placed in three positions making the most of the space. Our Tourneo Courier has no spare wheel (it is optional), but yes that will have a kit puncture, which is located in one of the sides, since, under the ground we don’t have any double bottom.

1.5 TDCi 95 CV

engine 1.5 TDCi 95 CV is the most powerful of the range

range of engines Ford Tourneo Courier is very concise and will be limited to two options, in diesel and one in petrol. For the part of the diesel have engine 1.5 TDCi Duratorq that will come in two levelss power 75 and 95 HP. For part of the gasoline we’ll have the 1.0 EcoBoost 100 CV, one of the mechanics award-winning recently at the awards for engine of the year 2016, in the category of less than 1 liter displacement.

All of the engines mentioned above are linked to a gearbox five-speed manual. Calls the attention that it does not appear any automatic transmission from the range, while its big brother the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect does have that option. In the same way also surprised that the system Start&Stop does not come standard on any of the engines in the range, but yes that can be equip in the three optionally by an additional 300 € .

As already mentioned at the beginning of the test, the mechanics that we have under the hood of our Tourneo Courier is the engine turbo TDCi four-cylinder and 1.5-liter in your version of higher power. This engine will probably be one of the most sold in our country, and comes with 95 HP and 215 Nm of torque. Not that it’s a sports car, not even looking for him, but we will say his benefits out of mere curiosity: does the 0-100 km/h in 14 seconds and has a tip of 170 km/h.

As a tourism

once we have learned the theory we tap the part practice behind the wheel Ford Tourneo Courier. In the first place, to say that the header reference to the sensations which transmits the vehicle. It is a van, yes, but your driving reminds us of a tourism. The riding position that we adopt is somewhat higher, but less than in many minivans of today. The first thing that we noticed at the start is the refinement of the engine, which hardly vibrates even in the cold.

The first meters we serve to realize the regime in which they will be comfortable with this engine. In the lower area of the cuentarevoluciones find lack of power that force us to hurry a little more gear if you want something more forceful. This forces us to play with the lever of the switch on twisty roads and in urban environments to help move the Tourneo Courier with ease. A change, by the way, quite accurate, and with a nice touch, although sometimes we ask for a sixth gear.

The truth is that the 95 HP of power diesel engine seem to us to be sufficient in most everyday situations. However, we will not enough and we will have to calculate well the overtaking and some maneuvers, even more so when we are loaded. We do not consider it something negative, as the Tourneo Courier is a vehicle of behavior that is agile, very close to that of the Party and also get some consumption really good.

Our unit profited from the system Start&Stop as an extra and this contributes to lower fuel consumption and emissions. In its data sheet approvals 3.8 l/100km and CO2 emissions of only 99 g/km As you already can imagine in a real driving it will be impossible to reach that figure, but neither we will stay too far. With a calm driving on roads are favourable we will get around 5 litres. At the end of the test we have in the marker 6,2 l/100km, understandable on the other hand, since that was the main secondary roads.

To complete the set, we’ll have a comfortable suspension, but not too soft. The brakes also do their job successfully despite the fact that the rear is still drum and not disk. On the other hand the address is found fairly accurate and allow us to maneuver with ease. One of the aspects that surprised was the small turning radius that is a great advantage in the city.


The Ford Tourneo Courier is a van that we should have in mind if we seek a lot of space in compact dimensions. The outside will remind us slightly to the utility with which it shares its platform, the Ford Fiesta. Inside us will be surprised by the comfort that offers us, as well as the practicality of a rear seat to which is accessed through sliding doors. The trunk will be the the culmination of this versatility, by the amount of solutions it offers.

If you are looking for a diesel engine, we recommend the most powerful, the 1.5 TDCi 95 CV. Will be sufficient to move with ease and agility to the van, and in addition they will allow us to consumption quite content. Although, we might miss out on some mechanics more powerful and the option of any automatic transmission. In short, the Ford Tourneo Courier 1.5 TDCi 95 CV is a car, very complete and a real alternative to mpvs.

Equipment Ford Tourneo Courier

Ford Tourneo Courier Ambiente

  • electric Windows front “one touch” driver’s side
  • steering Column adjustable in height and depth
  • center Console
  • folding rear Seats/60/40 folding
  • Anchors for child seats ISOFIX
  • Double side door
  • System of refuelling without cap Ford Easy-Fuel
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • hill Start assist (HSA)
  • collapsible System (ROM)
  • Assistance of Emergency Braking
  • Airbags front side
  • Sensor, tire pressure

Ford Tourneo Courier Trend (adds to Atmosphere)

  • Drawer slides under the passenger seat
  • driver’s Seat with lumbar adjustment and armrest
  • storage Tray in the ceiling
  • Tray slides-adjustable rear
  • leather-wrapped steering Wheel
  • cruise Control with speed limiter
  • fog lights
  • exterior Mirrors, door handles and side moldings in body color
  • front Grille chrome
  • Mirrors thermoelectric

Ford Tourneo Courier Titanium (adds to Trend)

  • Climate control manual
  • Radio – MyFord Dock
  • Knob of the shift lever, chrome
  • alloy Wheels 16-inch 7-spoke
  • tinted Glass
  • roof Rails
  • rain Sensor and lights

Prices Ford Tourneo Courier

Engine Change Finish Price
1.5 TDCi 75 CV Manual 5v Environment 9.950 €
1.5 TDCi 95 CV Manual 5v Environment 10.590 €
1.0 EcoBoost 100 CV Manual 5v Environment 8.765 €
1.5 TDCi 75 CV Manual 5v Trend 10.690 €
1.5 TDCi 95 CV Manual 5v Trend 11.290 €
1.0 EcoBoost 100 CV Manual 5v Trend 9.465 €
1.5 TDCi 95 CV Manual 5v Titanium 12.440 €
1.0 EcoBoost 100 CV Manual 5v Titanium 10.615 €

the Opinion of the editor


  • Large interior space
  • Very versatile and practical
  • attractive Price


  • you can’t fold the front passenger seat
  • browser Screen small
  • Not available with automatic
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