Test Audi S1 Sportback. Small, but brave
3 years ago

Test Audi S1 Sportback. Small, but brave

Audi S1, for many it only will be the combination of five letters and a number, for others it will be the last update of the Audi Quattro Group B, which marked a before and an after in the world of motor racing in the glorious 80’s. However, the Audi S1 today has little to do with that beast that glided between trees at speeds of authentic infarction looking to scratch a tenth to the timer.

This week we tested in the Present Engine the Audi S1. This is the version more sports, which is currently marketed for the Audi A1, and we have tested it on the bodywork of five doors, the Audi S1 Sportback. The A1 Audi was born in 2010, with a body of three doors, arriving two years later, the body of five. And we say that the variant tested is the most powerful currently because Audi launched a limited edition of 333 units of the Audi Quattro, even more radical and 256 HP of power.

The Audi S1 is only available with a single powertrain, there is no option to change to auto, also there are different levels of equipment and their interior is available only approved for four people. Starts from the 36,000 euros about, even if we do not acquire some of the extras will be a car something “peeled”. This unit amount to more than € 13,000 in extras.

Before starting with the description of aesthetic I want to leave some strokes on the S1 to whet your appetite: engine 2.0 TFSI 231 HP and 370 Nm, all-wheel drive quattro, manual change of six speeds, less than 4 less than length, four exhaust outlets, top speed of 250 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 6 seconds. As intuirás, we have not gone wrong.

Giving the song

I am Not very fond of the flashy cars, at least to have them in property, but what is certain is that the aggressive aesthetic of the Audi S1 Sportback tested, with the package “optical quattro exterior” (1.780 euros) and its orange paint “Solar Orange” (2.920 euro) I liked and, what is more difficult, the set I got a smile every time I saw him. If something got especially this unit was to divert the gaze and frown of the curious who had to ask what the hell was that.

The front of the Audi S1 is chaired by the grill “Singleframe” a feature of the mark, though finished in glossy black and with a plate “S1” in the colors of Audi Sport. The bi-xenon headlamps with daylight LED receive a small red stripe, which increases the “anger” in his eyes, while in the lower corners we find some fake air intakes. The bumper, with forms more marked, with a lower lip very dynamic and gives a higher character to the front.

On the side stand the mirror housings in silver, but the icing on the cake are the huge wheels of 18 inches and design of five spokes in black matte with profile grinding, which hide a pair of tongs red (380 euros) with the registration S1. The side view also has the inscription quattro in the lower part of the rear doors. Personally speaking, I think that this type of car is better from the aesthetics of three doors, to be aesthetically more dynamic.

Change of view and we go to the rear. The package optical quattro exterior also includes the eye-catching spoiler top in the form of a double wing, which together with the dial diffuser black and the quad-outlet exhaust see the rest that are not before an Audi A1 normal and, if they had any questions. Under the pilot lights left, appears a new entry S1, this time with greater dimensions.


exterior dimensions this utility are 3,97 meters long, 1.75 meters wide and 1.42 meters high. The distance between both axes is 2.57 meters. By external dimensions is in the B-segment, although the habitability in the rear seats is more of a bottom segment. Your car is rated for four seats, but what is certain is that four adults would not be comfortable in the Audi S1. For its part, the front are slightly below the average for the segment, although the front traveling comfortable.

If we open the trunk we find a space charge 60 litres less than the range A1. Cubic 210 liters and the reason of this reduction of space is the rear differential, you need that space for their installation and thus to be able to have the all-wheel-drive. By folding the second-row seat, the volume grows to 860 litres.

interior Design and equipment

we have Already commented that the space inside is quite content. Luckily, in return, we’ll find out in a cabin with high quality materials, simple design but with sporty details and a good atmosphere to squeeze out 231 HP of this small bullet orange, which also featured the package “optical inside quattro” (2.060 euros).

steering wheel has a good feel and thickness. In our unit was flattened in its lower part, which gives an impression as the sport as a little functional in the tighter turns. In it appears also the emblem S and seams of your upholstery to match the color of the body. It is adjustable in height and depth, which to us makes it easy to find a good driving posture.

The stitching to contrast also found in the sports seats with head restraints and fixed upholstery Nappa and heating (heating = 370 euros) in two intensities. A few seats, although adjustable manually, they are comfortable and you can adjust the lumbar support. Its back is glossy black. The center armrest, of small dimensions, we will hinder, and a lot of, in maneuvering relatively closed and insert the speed pairs.

on the other hand, I think that the dashboard we need something more spicy. It has the needles of the speedometer in red, and the gray background with the inscription S1, but would not be more than monochrome screen outside color and that will display information for when we go in search of curves, such as a meter for G-forces or pressure blowing turbo, for example.

he has Also called attention to the gear knob metallic (215 euros) and the knobs for the regulation of the climate control, that although they are in a position too low, are very attractive for their aesthetics and touch. The controls and elements of the dashboard presented a difficult adjustment to improve, not appearing “crickets” or when we push in the corners. In general, very well finished, although we note that the range A1 takes several years in the market and that has been making a profound renewal.

In terms of the system infotainment, Audi used to incorporate a central display at the top (6.5” in S1 ) is operated via a rotary control on the dashboard. We will soon adapt and for safety, best not to try to enter a address in the navigation system (MMI Navigation Plus = 2.495 euros) while driving is already distracting enough. To manage the Audi Drive Select, you may do so from the rotary control as from a button placed in a position something far away, below and to the right of the center console.

computer sound optional Bose (880 euros) will make the note when you do not want to enjoy the sound of the 2.0 TFSI. Includes 465 watts of sound through 14 speakers and a subwofer in the trunk.

2.0 TFSI quattro 231 CV

we Opened the hood and we find the well-known 2.0 TFSI from the Volkswagen group. This propellant combines direct-injection and indirect, with the objective of obtaining a more usable throughout the rev range and lower emission figures. Yields 231 CV to 6.000 rpm, while its maximum torque is 370 Nm, found between 1,600 and 3,000 rpm.

All that energy is sent to all four wheels via the famous and well known system all-wheel drive quattro Audi that uses a clutch-type Haldex to manage in what axis it is necessary to more torque at every moment. Yes, before all the horses reach the tires and the center differential, is passed through a manual gearbox of six relations with a few developments that are very short, something that we liked.

With all these data, and a size so reduced, we could think that this car is a real madness, a box of matches and, in fact, it is; although it is also true the S1 is left to easily lead and it may be a car docile and usable. It is not radical. According to the approvals, their consumption mixed fuel is 7.1 liters, a figure which has been impossible to achieve, as discussed a few paragraphs below.

Effectiveness and fun under control

Enough of the chit-chats and we’re going to what really matters in a car like this. Step on the clutch and give the starter button (key comfort alarm = 900 euros). The needles and the witnesses to the box to make a check while the 2-liter comes to life. The sound of the boot is delicious, but not as an aspirated V8. Without more, we activate the mode “Dynamic” the Audi Drive Select, we first and we went out.

touch change, , with the knob metal as cited above is identical to that of the Audi R8 manual previous generation, invites you to use it constantly. The inserts are very precise and the tours between march and marchason short, although we would have liked it to be even more. In any case, jumping from one speed to another is an operation that can be done in a few tenths of a second.

The Audi S1 has two faces, two behaviors totally different that depend on the regime of revolutions in which we move. From idle up to 3,000 rpm is shown as a car, relaxed, and soft; but everything changes above 3,000 and up to the cut, to about 6,500 rpm. In this section the response of the 2-liter is immediate, forceful, as if of a direct to the very same Drederick Tatum were.

Accelerate to the fund will mean be virtually stuck to the seat and, in sport mode, the sound that comes from the engine you will want to stretch more and more that march. In this aspect, the only thing that we have missed is some backfiring in the withholding, that would be pretty good in the mode “Dynamic”.

so Much power there that know how to manage it, to what is already in the drive system quattro, but will also stop it. Disks brakes have larger dimensions than an Audi A1, with a diameter of 310 mm in front and 272 mm at the rear. The feel is sporty, with a hardness perfect, but miss a better placement of the pedals to be able to perform well-the tip-heel in the reductions.

The negative side is the consumption. If you don’t want the data you loosen and change the mode to “Efficiency” when you’re going big, better to select any other data in the on-board computer, as you’ll be able to run around without too many problems the 20 liters of medium in demanding conditions. The above-mentioned “Efficiency” softens the throttle response, increases the assistance for the steering and gives extra comfort to the softening part of the suspensions. We also have an “Auto” mode that, depending on our behavior will be that these elements have a touch more sporty or relaxed.

Very athletic, but does not reach radical

Thanks to the Audi Drive Select and its smooth below 3,000 rpm, the Audi S1 Sportback has shown us that can be a car journal. Its contained dimensions next to the parking sensors (800 euros) and other driving aids make it suitable as a car city. Obviously will not be as comfortable and saver of an Audi A1 for a little over 100 horses, but to change we will have two cars in one, one to go to work and shifts normal, and the other to have fun on mountain passes or, why not, in a circuit.

Precisely we seize the opportunity to put it into a circuit buzzard. With him, we discover the “Center of Development of Bercimuel” and its various tracks, which highlights the area’s extreme off-road. Its owner, James “Roadrunner” Sornosa, invited us to ride with him on a track semi-slip that usually used for driving courses and practicing the technique of “drift”. The Audi S1 is not a car for “driftar”, but this surface allowed us to check in safe conditions, and controlled the operation of the wheel drive quattro.

There we were able to verify for sure that his behavior is noble and his tendency to the limit is something subviradora, especially at the entrance to the turn, even if the address changes full support can offer us a nice derrapada easy to control. With all the aid connected will be almost impossible to do a swipe to this little one, being the Sport mode very permissive and entering into operation only when “the thing is going of mother.”

On twisty roads, this sport-utility allows you to go incredibly fast with everything under control. Its chassis supports a quick change of support without losing the rear end, while electric power steering, although it does not convey everything we would like, it is very fast and accurate. Tires Bridgestone Potenza S001 in sizes 225/35 R18, keep the car glued to the asphalt. Yes, we must be careful and consult usually the speedometer, because you can go much faster than we think and be putting at risk a good part of the points on our card.

The Audi S1 is one of those cars that to believe their driver to be more “pilot” of what in truth is. With it we could roll at a rate high enough with only one hand on the steering wheel, as it does not require the driver to do other sports with similar dimensions and engine torque is not obliged to use constantly change. This can be dangerous, because it creates a overconfidence and if we do excessively rough with it to the point of losing adhesion, as it is not so easy to re-place it on your site.

In the section on consumption, we finished our test, with almost 900 km, with a average of 9.1 liters per 100. It is not a consumption very high taking into account the potency and the high weight of this car (about 1.340 kg), although it is also true that many kilometres were covered by highways to the maximum speed permitted by law. In these situations it is possible to download to shy of 8 litres, although you will usually be between 9.5 and 11 litres per 100 km


The Audi S1 is a car of the caprice with a price quite high, a habitability is very low for the spaces later, but the aesthetics and dynamism that you will be able to draw smiles. Its 231 HP and quattro will allow you to go very fast without hardly any effort and approach to the limits is complicated.

If there is something we can throw into the faces of Audi for this S1 Sportback is his price and the reduced standard equipment. Despite that booting from the 36.190 euros, not brings series, even, exterior mirrors heated, or interior mirror photosensitive. Nor does cruise control. In addition, the equipment is really expensive, having to pay 325 euros for the above-mentioned speed control and 800 euros for the parking sensors (no reverse camera). In total, our drive is going until the 49.790 eur, 13.600 euros in extras.


  • 17-inch Wheels and tires 215/40 R17
  • Check tire pressure
  • Screws anti-theft
  • xenon Headlights with headlight cleaning and LED daytime running light
  • rear headlights-LED –
  • rain Sensor and lights
  • Bumper-sports
  • chromed twin tailpipes
  • roof Spoiler S line
  • electric Windows in the four doors
  • sport Seats
  • Regulation lumbar in front seats
  • sports steering Wheel
  • Emblems and inscriptions
  • interior Lighting LED
  • Package smoker
  • Radio MMI without navigation
  • Help the start slope
  • Audi Drive Select with sport suspension
  • System Start-Stop


Version Change Traction Price
Version Change Traction Price
Audi S1 Manual 6v quattro 35.460 €
Audi S1 Sportback Manual 6v quattro 36.190 €

the Opinion of the editor


  • power Delivery
  • exterior Design
  • cornering


  • starting Price
  • very expensive Equipment
  • Habitability rear

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