Suzuki Ignis 2017, back to life in the form of SUV urban retro
4 years ago

Suzuki Ignis 2017, back to life in the form of SUV urban retro

nine years Ago he disappeared from the dealers Spanish Suzuki Ignis, a small crossover halfway between a minivan and an suv with little or no direct rivals in the european market, since by that time he had not yet broken out of the fever of the SUV. After almost a decade of absence, the japanese firm is going to rescue this nomenclature to baptize a new model that will be presented in the Paris the next month of September.

Suzuki Ignis 2017 is in essence the same model that was presented in the Lounge of Tokyo in 2015 for the japanese market, but with slight tweaks to adapt it to european tastes. It is a small utility with format SUV only 3.70 m in length which stands for retro-design who have printed to its exterior, especially on the front. In a certain way it resembles the style of the kei cars that populate the roads of japanese. Behind perhaps the most controversial part of the bodywork, with a fall of the ceiling is very angular and straight.

The japanese model has interior is simple, with a lot a lot a hard plastic in the dashboard, although with a modern look thanks to the tablet core and to the design of the boutonniere. The european version will probably not change much in this aspect. The body high and square to help maximize the interior space available, with four-seater is fully suitable in spite of the short length of the Ignis. It has not transcended the figure of the volume of the trunk.

In Japan, the model is offered with a gasoline engine 1.0 turbo 111 HP riding the Suzuki is Positioned in the released this year in Europe. Around these parts probably also incorporates the engine is 1.2 hybrid 90 HP, which contains an interesting combination of petrol engine and electric motor simple and inexpensive but effective. The most popular versions will have front wheel drive but will also be offered optional all-wheel drive.

Are the Suzuki Ignis, the brand continues to increasing the range of urban vehicles, which is now composed by the economic Suzuki Celerio and the more prepared Suzuki Swift. In a step prior to the compact is placed is Positioned. By the time we do not know more details of how it will be set to the european range, so that will have to wait until the Paris Salon of the end of September to get out of doubts.

Note: the image of the interior corresponds with the japanese version. The european version may differ in certain aspects

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