Seen at the SEMA Show: a BMW M3 E30 Touring 2 door
4 years ago

Seen at the SEMA Show: a BMW M3 E30 Touring 2 door

for several weeks now, we brought to you some official images of BMW’s in the one that showed some prototypes designed for the different generations of M3, from two pick-up up a E36 Compact with the engine of the M3. Now, at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, has been allowed to see a spawn of BMW M3 E30, but with bodywork Touring and, in turn, only two doors on the side. Yes, you can leave a little scramble, we also has passed.

The case is that Griot’s Garage has revealed at the SEMA Show in 2016, and he has explained the history of this unit. Apparently, the base vehicle is a BMW E30 Touring year 1989 who enrolled for the first time in Japan. They wanted to make him a car is eye-catching and, above all, special; without limitation to change the engine and to install a new bumper, but that seems to have come out the factory.

In this way, the BMW M3 E30 Touring is a 2 doors that we see in the images began to take shape. Responsible for the condition of the body were J-Rod & Custom, of Auburn. As we see, entirely suppressed the rear doors and adapted the body to install the front doors of the E30 Coupe of the time, significantly longer.

and posts, the guys in charge of the preparation of this unlikely family-coupe, they decided to install the V8 engine used for the 5-Series, 1995, in its variant 540i, in addition to the gearbox of that same version and a limited slip differential to transmit more efficiently the 286 hp of this propellant.

As it could not be otherwise settled new suspension, and also gold rims in 17 inch with low profile tires. The second row of seats was removed and now looks like a two-seater full of products in your cargo area, with the body of family, two doors, and near 300 hp. A combination too crazy, but also very attractive.

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