Renault puts expiry date to diesel, what we will see at the inn in less than 4 years?
4 years ago

Renault puts expiry date to diesel, what we will see at the inn in less than 4 years?

the concern in The sector, especially after all that has happened over the last year, it is becoming more and more evident. For decades, Europe has turned to diesel. The manufacturers have invested in their technology, and for articulating a range of products in the diesel was the great protagonist, and the fuel most in demand by their customers. From the public sphere, the European Union, and the governments of the Old Continent, decided to promote its use in the pursuit of the reduction of the CO2. But every time are more the voices that are pointing in one direction. The diesel has the days counted. And that is precisely what we’re asking from Renault, a brand that the diesel engines are, by far, the most important. what we will see models Renault diesel from 2020?

According to informed Reuters these days, thanks to internal sources of Renault, in the highest spheres of the mark has already been proposed the possibility of imagining a future, in the short term, without engine oil. A period so short as to think that in 2020 to no longer be available in many models that until now hardly would have understood without a motor inn.

why has a brand like Renault is losing interest in the diesel?

Eliminate the diesel of your range of products, especially if you’re a european manufacturer, or the bulk of your sales in this continent, is first and foremost a bold statement. We think that after the diesel engines that we find today in the market have been the major investments of the builders, the work of many factories, and, in the last instance, the work of many families. To think about the end of diesel, you would also need to do the same thinking of what would be their alternative.

At Renault would have proposed to restrict, to the minimum, the investment in development of diesel engines. And that would be, again, a very daring, especially if we take into account all the legislative changes planned for the next years and the amount of improvements that will require diesel engines.

that is Exactly the biggest problem for Renault. We are heading towards a legislative framework in which the type-approval emissions will be closer to the real field, the limits of emissions of NOx by more stringent, and the technology necessary to comply with these restrictions, more complex and expensive. To the extent that this would make it unviable for many manufacturers continue to bet for the diesel, as commented in Expansion these days.

For Renault, and many other manufacturers, the end of diesel will arrive in a progressive manner, to the point that in a period of less than ten years, many builders would have been able to do without alternatives to diesel in the entire range of products. Today we are already seeing as every time, there are less utilitarian urban with diesel engine. Even in a product important, such as the Renault Twingo, sharing platform and development with the smart forfour, Renault has already done away with the diesel.

The following to dispense diesel oil motors would be those in which the diesel has a justification, more complex, and their cost, the feasibility of maintaining an icd in the range would be more complex. It would be logical, therefore, that the next to dispense with a diesel engine was the Renault Clio.

do And how they intend to achieve it? two years Ago already had the occasion to test a prototype Renault, thanks to a sort of hybrid system and many other technologies, particularly concerning the aerodynamics and weight savings, I would get fuel consumption low without resorting to diesel. That may be the future of Renault and many other manufacturers (see 5 technologies Renault that you may see in the next Clio).

in the meantime, and until we take new steps, I have the feeling that we’ll start to get used to a view like this, and many other manufacturers begin to announce their roadmap to replace the diesel.

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