Renault Capture 2019: In developing the new generation of the crossover
3 years ago

Renault Capture 2019: In developing the new generation of the crossover

The height to the ground and the huge wheels will betray you.

This mule testing is one of the first units views of the new generation of the Renault Capture, a model that came to market in 2013 and Renault aims to provide a substitute in brief.

despite the fact that this unit evidence used the measurements of the Clio Sport Tourer, you can’t hide that it is serving to hide a platform very different. The enormous tires, large ground clearance and the fins provisional on the steps of wheels show that we are dealing with a model radically different to the Clio.

The reason that Renault has been quick to develop the successor of a model so young is simple, the B-segment-SUV is one of the fastest-growing market. Since the arrival of the Capture in 2013 has increased the number of rivals and the French brand aims to not lose the ground gained these few years.

will Arrive as very soon in 2019.

soon will come more models in this segment, as the B-SUV by Hyundai, and the main protagonist, the Nissan Juke will be revealed shortly before Renault complete the development of the new Capture.

there are No previous reports that give us clues about this new generation of the crossover French, however, it is expected that this has an image in keeping with the latest models presented in the format of the SUV of the brand, as the most recent Kadjar or Scenic.

in View of the youth of this mule, which reveals that the project is in a stage very original, is to be expected a presentation from 2019, perhaps by 2020, in one of the great halls of europe.

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