Range Rover Sport Coupe 2018, first images of the future rival of the BMW X6
6 years ago

Range Rover Sport Coupe 2018, first images of the future rival of the BMW X6

ahead you will note a very Range Rover, though more similar to the variant Sport

As we have already said Range Rover is an expert in creating for luxury suvs. Few manufacturers, if any, can match his creations. Many have tried but the English have always been known to survive the passage of time, with just three models on the market. But that will soon change, as there will be a third party, the Range Rover Sport Coupe 2018.

Among the wide range of crossover models that currently exist in the market, there are a few, premium in the majority of cases, that meet the characteristics of an SUV with a sporty and coupe. We could mention the BMW X6 or Mercedes GLE Coupe, and within little more than a year, there will be talk of a Range Rover.

as we can see in the pictures, and despite the high content of camouflage of the unit is discovered, the premium brand of Land Rover has decided that have to fight against the germans, bringing to light a new suv with coupe styling. For it will be based on the Range Rover Sport, although it will modify its line.

despite the camouflage, we can guess a rear cut out and more inclined

seen in the back the shape of the tailgate is trimmed so that it has an angle of fall is much more subtle. In addition, we observe that the rear lights are also different, very similar to the Jaguar F-Pace. And neither of us should be surprised, because we know that both models share many elements.

One of them will be the chassis. The Sport Coupe is positioned at an intermediate position between Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport. For this you will use the same platform that the Jaguar, even though will be perfected by the developers of Land Rover so that you can adjust to the high standards of the English house.

For the moment is all that we know. to Say that his brother mark are already putting up your new update. We have seen both; on the one hand the Range Rover 2017, and by another the reduced version of the same, the Range Rover Sport 2017. Both will suffer minimal changes in their designs, and will be with us at the end of this year.

Its launch is not expected until the end of next year or early 2018

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