Porsche B32, the Volkswagen T3 is a high-performance that Porsche did not dare to sell

Porsche B32, the Volkswagen T3 is a high-performance that Porsche did not dare to sell
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Porsche B32, the Volkswagen T3 is a high-performance that Porsche did not dare to sell

The Volkswagen Transporter have a status as cult in the automotive world. The veterans T3 have been camperizadas in a thousand different ways, and it is also customary for the creation of high-performance machines using engines boxer source Porsche or Subaru, similar to the boxer shorts of a series of the T3. What you may not know is that Porsche produced several T3 high-performance, which was even about to sell to the public. Had 231 HP and they are called just Porsche B32. This is their story.

The fantasies of a van Porsche have been covered by the fan community, but could have been official.

Were in the 80’s, and Porsche was shipped in one of his more famous projects: running the Dakar with several 911 modified. These 911 modified were basically versions of competition of the Porsche 959, which would be launched on the market in 1986 by capitalizing on the experience of the Dakar. To give support to their team of the Dakar, Porsche needed to support vehicles. Porsche has always had ties with Volkswagen, so the choice of several vw Transporter T3 as support vehicles was a logical one. There were a few T3 either.

To withstand the rigors of the desert, were equipped with a running gear off-road all-wheel drive Syncro, and their engines boxer series were replaced by the boxer six-cylinder Porsche 911 Carrera. After building these support vehicles, Porsche is proposed to manufacture several Volkswagen Transporter street, equipped with the boxer engine of the 911. The idea was to do a simple engineering exercise. A successful exercise, that would give rise to a machine called simply Porsche B32.

The practice of engineering would have been sold to the public for a higher price than a Porsche 911 of the time.

The sources do not agree on the number of units produced, which varies between 9 and 20 according to the sources consulted. it Is believed that 9 were the specimens “production” built, while that could have built up to 20 prototypes. The idea of Porsche was to sell these B32 at a higher price than the 911, in some dealers Porsche pedigree. They wanted to present to the public in 1986, in a salon of the car. Finally, Porsche decided not to launch these exercises engineering.

But had already built several units, which are currently in the hands of collectors.

What did you do special to the Porsche B32?

Due to its aerodynamics complicated (similar to that of a brick) its top speed was just 185 km/h.

To begin with, leave its boxer gasoline – or turbo – by a boxer engine source Porsche, air-cooled, with 231 BHP of power. This engine passed its power to the rear end using the gearbox five relationships of a Porsche 911 SC. Its undercarriage was strengthened, with sport suspension, which is necessary to keep close to the ground this quick, brick. Did the 0 to 100 km/h in 9,6 seconds. Both your tires and your team, of braking were extracted from a Porsche 944 of the time.

on the other hand, in its interior, the steering wheel is also extracted from the family of coupes Porsche, as well as the instrumentation: there were five watches, but an additional module was installed under the center console with dials for temperature, oil pressure, etc., it Is necessary to take into account that the photos that we collect in this article correspond to a pre-production version, built from bits of other cars. Outwardly, he was wearing a sports kit, just different from the other T3.

Only the detail of their tires or a small emblem located on the back of the van made clear its origin. The project never came to fruition, perhaps because of pressure from high-ranking Volkswagen or Porsche. Be that as it may, nothing has prevented several coaches to build Volkswagen Transporter high-performance using Porsche engines. A further curiosity: your repair manual is available at this link. Truly Porsche wanted to sell these machines.

Source: The Piston Ring
Pictures: AutoBild.de
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