Pontiac Tojan: when General Motors wanted to create a rival to the Ferrari 308
3 years ago

Pontiac Tojan: when General Motors wanted to create a rival to the Ferrari 308

The wing-type rear Countach was optional.

Far from what might seem to be, the vehicle of the images is not a simple vehicle, customized and marketed by the hundreds, if not thousands, of workshops and builders that have existed in the north american market. The Pontiac Tojan was a real sport production, which was developed and manufactured at the request of the same General Motors by Knudsen Automotive from 1985 to 1991, and was only marketed by the official dealer of General Motors.

With a production quite low, it is estimated that were manufactured between 136 and 300 copies in those few years, the Pontiac Tojan was born of the desire of General Motors to create a rival to the Ferrari 308 GTB, although with the price of the common vehicle that we could find in their dealers throughout the united States.

To do this, GM provided Knudsen-the-scenes of the platform F, on the manufactured models such as the Chevrolet Camaro or the Pontiac Firebird with the that not only saves a remarkable resemblance, but from which the numerous and obvious elements.

Equates a V8 small block that we could find in some versions of the Camaro or the Firebird.

The mechanical was a LB9 305, a V8 small block also mounted optionally the Camaro IROC-Z Firebird Trans Am, this was always going associated with an automatic transmission 700R4 4 relationships. Optionally, you could apply for a supercharged version. In the case of the variant atmospheric, this engine delivered between 193 and 234 horses, as a comparison, the 308 GTB quattrovalvole, the latest version of the model launched in 1985, had a 238 HP in its american version.

Your price was a little less than $ 22,000, and in function of the long list of options the final price could reach up to about $ 70,000 to. Exceeding even the price of a Ferrari 308 GTB quatrovalvole of 1985, which cost a little less than $ 60,000.

The suspension was one of its strong points, as even in its most basic choice, also had a sport-tuned suspension optional, the Tojan received a beefed-up suspension with respect to the Firebird, derived in part. In the factory, Knudsen, in Nebraska, also added four disc brakes and even power steering.

Of very limited production, is still an unknown in his own country.

The design of the covers exterior is unmistakably from the 80’s, a merger between the Firebird and the Fiero of Pontiac, with details that obviously, are taken of motor sports central europeans, as the buttresses in the rear, despite being a model of an engine in the front. Optionally he could handle a rear spoiler similar to the one that sported the Lamborghini Countach of the period, with arrow-shaped.

Available in both body coupe as the cabrio, the interior was adorned completely with flat panels of wood view and the seats were Recaro-clad skin. A very interesting detail were the digital instruments, with spellings of design is very simplistic even for the time, in the style of the employees in the DeLorean from the movie Back to the Future, a feature film that is born precisely in that year, in 1985.

Available only at GM dealerships in some states, the Pontiac Tojan starred in a film and had a scene in the tv series of the moment. More than 30 years after its birth, remains a big unknown even to their own fans of your country, its aspect of vehicle transformed to base of fiber has not helped either that the model has been able to increase properly these years, in fact, the highest prices achieved at auction these last times barely exceed $ 15,000.

The inside was coated by Knudsen with wood panels.

we are faced with a possible bargain in the future, as their condition of vehicle production official limited should help with the time to raise your prices.

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