Opel Corsa Sedan 2019, is the surprise of the new generation?
4 years ago

Opel Corsa Sedan 2019, is the surprise of the new generation?

The third volume is very generous.

After seeing for the first time, just a few days ago, one of the first prototypes of the new generation of the Opel Corsa, today we are surprised to discover this new mule testing with some forms very similar to the prototype of Corsa hatchback 5 doors sighted in the past week, presents a more obvious third volume, drawing a trunk very broad and marked.

These images have been captured in Europe, and although this body of the Corsa has never been available in the old continent, the truth is that Chevrolet yes that marketed under its brand in emerging markets. Variant that disappeared a few years ago and that has not been available in the latest generations of the Corsa.

This prototype seems to demonstrate that Opel is at least developing a variant of 3 volumes on the new generation of the Corsa, however, this does not mean that we get to see it in dealerships of the brand in our market.

The most obvious trunk oversized is not the only difference that we found with the prototype of the Corsa 5-door that we just a few days ago. When you inspect it in detail, we find a front grille of vertical slats, the design of which reminds us of the employee by the signature Buick, which is currently marketed models highlighted in the catalog of Opel in various markets, such as the united States or China.

although the general shapes of the body, such as the bonnet striker, lines of the waist and ceiling or and B-pillars remind us of the latest spy pictures of the Opel Corsa F, there are a number of elements that seem to be clearly differentiated.

the presence of The huge trunk separate seems to have been built with a lot of fluidity. The roof line has a gentle fall, and the wheel arches seem to abombarse slightly on the rear wheel, creating a smooth curved line which terminates in the rounded trunk.

The front grille is clearly Buick.

again we find as the C-pillar is widely camouflaged, so that we cannot discern the forms that you will need, however, in the side images of this new prototype, we can discover as the franchises of the rear door do not ascend vertically after passing over the wheel, but continue his inclination towards approximately half of the pillar C. so it seems that these doors will allow a wide and comfortable space for access to the rear bench.

while the area in front shows great similarities with the prototypes of the new Corsa F, the optical group front of this prototype are slightly different to the previously seen, at least in the internal distribution of its elements. As already discussed in his day, the optics of the prototype of the Corsa F seemed to proceed from the current Mokka X, so that it would not be surprising that, given their condition of mule testing in your time will not count with the optical final.

In terms of the commercial positioning of this new model, we do not dare to venture what were the true intentions of Opel. With a size very similar to the current Seat Toledo and Skoda Rapid, this new variant of the Corsa would be a strong rival for models in the VAG group, however, to do this, Opel would have to offer this variant in Europe for the first time in the last three decades of history of the model, which would be quite a surprise.

In the rear simple optical group interim.

The possibility that this is a variant that is further highlighted by other brands of the group General Motors seems to be more likely, either as a Chevrolet in Latin america or as a Buick in China, markets are very well positioned these american brands.

For the moment, the arrival of the new generation of the Corsa is still far away, so we have to wait to be able to know what will be the true destiny of this amazing variant of 3 volumes.

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