Norauto Prevensys 3, a summer tyre new generation
3 years ago

Norauto Prevensys 3, a summer tyre new generation

Norauto Prevensys 3, a summer tyre for passenger cars. Account with a total of 3 witnesses wear.

Norauto has unveiled its new summer tyre for all type of cars. The new Norauto Prevensys 3 is the sixth generation of tyres, which has developed the well-known company. Some compounds ideal for use in vehicles of tourism during times of increased heat in which we subject the tire to high temperatures from the driveway.

The new Norauto Prevensys 3 it is a tire that it is manufactured exclusively in Europe, something that gives a plus of extra quality in the production process thanks to the workmanship and quality control from the factories of europe. It is a tire to which it has given of the latest technologies in terms of security to get to the front in the list of summer tires, more insurance policies available in the market.

The Prevensys 3 is already the sixth generation of summer tires that will market Norauto. Throughout all these years, the company has garnered a high level of knowledge in the development and manufacture of this type of compounds for a particular time of the year, and the same goes with winter tires.

To detail the new tire Norauto Prevensys 3.

The keys of the new Norauto Prevensys 3

  • it Offers a braking ability exceptional on dry soils and wet.
  • braking Distance of up to 2 metres shorter that the vast majority of premium brands.
  • Three witnesses to verify the life of the tire.

The tire Norauto summer has been subjected to stringent tests that have been passed with note. For example, in the testing of braking on wet ground, the tire Prevensys 3 has achieved a note A (the highest possible score) in 13 dimensions, while the braking distance has been up to two meters shorter that the great majority of premium brands.

To get an idea more clear, we can say that two meters is equivalent to a pedestrian crossing. A distance that can make the difference. It should be noted that all the tests of tires Prevensys 3 have been carried out on an independent circuit.

The new tire Prevensys 3 to detail.

Three witnesses on the tread

So it is, these new tyres of the French firm continue to innovate and incorporate a total of three witnesses on the tread to be able to facilitate a quick and accurate reading of the level of use of the tire.

In particular, has a double witness of wear and tear with levels of 1.6 mm of depth (the legal minimum) and 3 mm (the minimum recommended by the manufacturers) as well as a third and last indicator of premature wear by “default geometry”.

Thus, the new tire Prevensys 3 is an alternative to take into account in our future purchases, as maintaining the european quality standards, offers a performance of the highest level and has a relationship quality price very balanced

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