Norauto Prevensys 3, 20 years of evolution to rub shoulders with the best
4 years ago

Norauto Prevensys 3, 20 years of evolution to rub shoulders with the best

tires are crucial when we talk about the safety in driving. They are our single point of contact with the ground and the grip and the braking ability of the vehicle are directly dependent on these four points of union to the asphalt. The correct choice of a tire and a proper maintenance during the useful life of the same are essential to obtain the maximum safety, especially in the most adverse weather conditions.

there Are many manufacturers that work to be done tire every time best. Norauto, with more than 20 years in the market of tyre, has taken a major step forward, a blow on the table, with the new tire Norauto Prevensys 3, that on the basis of early studies can hobnob with the top brands of the market in terms of performance and durability.

braking Distance in the wet with A rating

The braking distance is a determining factor in a tire. Your compound and its design can contribute to this is less than other tires of the competition. A tire that has a shorter distance of braking can prevent an accident or minimize its consequences. The european labelling of tyres includes as one of the standards main the braking distance on wet surface. There Norauto has achieved a great evolution in the range Prevensys 3, which has 13 measures to obtain the maximum score, including the extent 205/55 R16, which is the most popular in the european market of passenger cars.

Studies carried out by an independent body show as with two measures of tires tested, the Norauto Prevensys 3 approved with very good note in regard to the braking in the wet to 90 km/h. Comparing three tires of top brands, the Prevensys 3 of Norauto are the seconds tires with a shorter distance of braking, in one case by a few centimeters. Here the drawing of the tread and its evacuation capacity are key factors.

durability of the tire

miles that can take a tyre is directly dependent on the same, our way of driving and the care that we provide to the wheels of our car. We already went over the keys to optimize the life of a tire. A longer lasting tyre will save you money over the life of the car, although it is interesting to find a good relationship between the price of the tire with the durability of the same.

This is an aspect in which also the new tires Prevensys 3 of Norauto have evolved positively, especially in comparison with their predecessors. Maintaining a price around 20% lower that some of the first brands on the market, these new summer tires for tourism obtained between a 19% and 11% more performance. In addition, with the witnesses wear indicators (3mm and 1.6 mm) as well as with the wear indicator by geometry, it is easy to anticipate potential problems that may affect the durability of the tire or to the safety of the vehicle.

improvements at the structural level, materials and design that the Norauto Prevensys 3 incorporates the keys about the increase of the durability. These improvements have an impact also in a lower rolling resistance (less fuel consumption), a greater stability of the tyre at high speed and lower noise of the tire.

in Addition, in other aspects, Norauto also ensures the durability of the Prevensys 3. In the case of a puncture during the entire life of the tire, Norauto what he would mend without cost, or replace the tire, should it not be possible to repair without all of the cost impact on the customer.


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