Nissan Qashqai Nismo: A version as possible, and almost necessary, but unlikely
3 years ago

Nissan Qashqai Nismo: A version as possible, and almost necessary, but unlikely

Recreation of the Qashqai Nismo.

The Qashqai Nismo is one of those models that has been discussed at length for years, but it has never arrived. Since the first generation of the popular compact SUV has been speculated with this sport version, however even the we expect.

The last report seemed to have some basis is dated more than three years, when it was rumored consistently the arrival of several models to the range Nismo of Nissan. However, despite the fact that many had already put date to the arrival of the models, responsible of the mark has refused to mid-2015.

In this recreation we can view as the current Qashqai, it acquires a deep makeup sports, very consistent with their lines, prone to this type of treatment.

The Nissan Rogue Sport, the Qashqai american. The last novelty of the model.

Even if it is a version that will probably not get to see, continue having speculations in that direction, and it is certain that it would be a option of the range with a lot of sense.

The Qashqai happens to be the compact SUV of more success in the market, and we find ourselves with a variety performance at the spectrum premium segment, therefore to offer a version within a range as cost-effective as the Qashqai is nothing far-fetched.

And not only what we believe because the Juke, a crossover smaller in size, came to enjoy, but because the Qashqai is the could allow, given their tremendous role in the segment. If we can find versions of the BMW X1 up to 231 HP, why not the Qashqai?. True that would not have the figures of the diesel version of the 130 HP, but no version Nismo has.

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